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May Trucking Company Overview

May Trucking Company is continually committed to excellent performance, as an organization that continually seeks out the specific needs of those who depend on May Trucking. With over 70 years in the trucking industry, the company believes their drivers to be their most valued assets, and the reason for their growth and success.

May Trucking Driving Jobs

After successfully completing the qualification process, May is ready to hire a driver and assign them their own Driver Manager, who are assigned to individuals, not regions.

The company offers job throughout the 48 states of the continental U.S. as either a part of the dry freight division, or refrigerated division.

Trucking Jobs

May Driving Jobs

 Benefits and Equipment

May operates a fleet of the latest equipment to ensure maximum safety and efficiency for their drivers. May Trucking runs on a three year equipment life cycle, with the average age of their fleet being one and a half year cycle.

Right now, May Trucking Company runs: the 2019 Freightliner New Cascadia, and the 2017/2018 Freightliner Cascadia.

May Driving Jobs

Truck Driver Requirements

Must be 21+ years
Must be able to read and speak English well enough to converse, understand traffic signs, respond to official inquiries and fill out required forms and reports
Must have experience or training to safely operate the type of equipment you drive
Must pass a required physical exam and are physically qualified to drive
Must have passed and be issued a certificate of Driver’s Road Test
Must provide your employer a list of any violations for which you have been convicted in the last 12 months
Must not be disqualified to drive a CMV
Must have a valid operator’s license for the class of vehicle being operated


4185 Brooklake Rd NE,
Salem, OR 97303

May Trucking Reviews

“My personal experience with May Trucking was very good I enjoyed all aspects of the job and the people that worked at May as well. Training was very good pay was decent and they put you in new equipment I definitely would recommend working at May Trucking I would still be working at May Trucking but I had to take a local job due to family reasons. If I was ever to go over the road again I would want to work at May”- Indeed Review

One of the best if not the best driving jobs out of school.”-Glassdoor Review

“May Trucking Company (MTC) is an excellent company to work for. The senior management seems to genuinely care about treating their drivers well, even implementing a minimum pay scale to protect drivers from dropping below a certain income due to occasional low miles, while still paying them extra when they earn more based on their mileage rate.”- Indeed Review

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