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Hey Truckers, CDLLIFE wants to help you get to know as many different trucking companies as we can. We had the opportunity to speak with Riverside Transport which helped us learn more about who they are as a trucking company.

If you are interested in learning more about Riverside Transport then start by reading CDLLife's Q&A with Riverside Transport. You can find our Q&A sessions with Riverside Transport below.

After you have read our Q&A session with Riverside Transport the next step is to browse Riverside Transport's Truck Driving Jobs. If interested in working with Riverside Transport you can fill out an application or call them direct by using the links we have provided here.

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Q&A with CDLLife

In a paragraph or two, take some time and tell our readers a little bit about your company. In other words, who are you and what do you do?


We are a small, family-owned company. We truly believe that we’re one big family at RTI — At RTI, you’re never a truck number. For orientation, we either provide our drivers with rental cars or flights — no bus! We put our drivers in nice hotels and provide all meals while drivers are in orientation with us — drivers are never charged back. From orientation, into employment, we treat our drivers the way we’d want to be treated. Riverside Transport operates over 1500 pieces of equipment and employs close to 500 people. We have Operation terminals in Kansas City, KS, Owensboro, KY, and Chattanooga, TN. Our freight network ranges from Over the Road Long Haul, Short Haul Regional, Local, Dedicated and Refrigerated. We have one of the most innovative Lease Purchase Programs in the industry, where payments are structured so that a driver can always get a paycheck, even while on time off. We also have a solid core of Owner Operators, who pride themselves with carrying RTI’s banner.

In your mind, what makes your company unique from all of the other trucking companies that exist?


We feel that we have several qualities that set us apart from other companies! Our innovative Lease Purchase program truly puts drivers in the driver’s seat. We offer two lease options: a fixed weekly payment and a per-mile payment. On our per-mile payment plan, drivers only pay for the miles they run — that means, if you’re on home time, you don’t have to worry about making a truck payment. In addition, we offer a full-service, bumper-to-bumper warranty. RTI’s lease purchase warranty means that a breakdown will never break the bank. Our Lease Purchase program requires no money down, and is a 100% risk-free, walkaway lease. Even without these great programs, RTI is unique in that we truly are a driver-centered company. We know that without our drivers, we would not exist. Our drivers are our top priority.

With there being so much competition between trucking companies for experienced drivers why should a prospective driver consider working for your company as opposed to all of the other trucking companies that are looking to hire drivers?


At RTI, we truly believe that there aren’t any problems we can’t solve if we work together. If you come to us with a problem, we’ll work hard to find a solution. We are not a one-size-fits-all corporation. We believe that as each driver is unique, his or her needs are also individual and we do our best to meet our drivers’ needs.

What can you tell our readers about the culture of your company?


We very much have a family atmosphere here at RTI. We know driver’s names; we know about their families and we truly care about them! We have an open-door policy. From dispatch all the way to the owner, our office doors are always open to you.

Can you share with our reader’s some things that they may not know about you?


We recently opened a West Coast Refrigerated Fleet. We’re very excited about our refrigerated fleet. Drivers who live along this freight lane can enjoy weekly home time, consistent miles and pay, a generous sign-on bonus, as well as medical, dental and vision insurance, vacation and holiday pay.

Most of our readers of very aware of the turnover problem that exists within the trucking industry. Generally, what is your company’s thoughts on driver turnover and what is your company doing to reduce the turnover rate at your organization?


We’re very proud of our turnover rate. Our turnover rate is half that of the industry average. We believe that we’ve accomplished a low turnover rate by treating our drivers fairly, working hard to solve any problems that arise quickly and fairly and by going above and beyond to always do what is right by the driver.

What type of freight does your company haul?


We run dry van and refrigerated freight.

What’s the typical running area that your company operates in?


Our West Coast fleet operates along the 11 Western states. Our dry van fleet operates in all 48 states and Canada. Our primary freight lanes are east of Interstate 35 — Texas over to Florida, up to Maine and back over to Minnesota and everywhere in the middle.

As best as you can, can you summarize all of the different truck driving jobs that your company is hiring for?


We have a wide diversity of jobs all of which have been designed with the driver in mind. We believe we have the most innovative lease purchase program in the country. We have spent a lot of time designing our lease program so drivers can make a consistent paycheck in addition to building true ownership in an tractor. We have several dedicated lanes for both team and solo driver. Our west coast reefer division is thriving and we are eager to show drivers out west what we can do for them. We encourage drivers to give us a call so we can speak with them further about our job opportunities.

Can you provide our readers with general information about how your company compensates drivers that work for you?


We offer several pay packages. Lease purchase drivers earn $1.02-$1.07 cpm empty and loaded plus fuel surcharge. Veterans earn an additional $.03 cpm. Our company driver refrigerated fleet pays- $.41-$.44 cpm. Our dedicated accounts in the south east for Kubota is currently paying $.43 cpm. OTR Company – $42 cpm OTR Company Team – $.53 cpm.

What are your minimum hiring qualifications?


12 months over the road experience, Must be at least 23 years of age.

If there is any additional information that you would like to share with our audience of professional truck drivers?


We, at RTI, are our drivers biggest fans and supporters. We’ll do all that we can to ensure that our drivers are successful! After all, if our drivers are successful then so are we!