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Stay up to date on what is happening within the trucking industry. Here you will find news articles, press releases, and company announcements from some of the top trucking companies today.

Chapter 11 filed for Michigan-based trucking company

A Michigan-based trucking company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, adding to a growing list of failing trucking companies in the...

Nearly 200 trucks stopped during New York bridge strike enforcement effort

New York State Police (NYSP) released the results from a weeklong special enforcement effort to curb bridge strikes.

A group of African American truck drivers are suing their company for racial discrimination

A group of truck drivers terminated by their company have banded together to sue the company on the grounds of race discrimination. 

Georgia cops bust trucker for falsifying logs days before crash

While investigating a multi-vehicle crash this morning, Georgia police spotted a log book violation that put a truck driver out of service....

New York issues truck ban for bridges ahead of tropical storm

As an intense tropical storm bears down on the eastern seaboard, transportation authorities in New York have issued a ban for some trucks on NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bridges.

FMCSA releases Hours of Service Final Rule, making 4 key rule changes

On Thursday, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published their long-awaited Hours of Service Final Rule.
Ice Road Truckers

‘Ice Road Truckers’ company to shut down for good

A Canadian trucking company and affiliates once featured on a popular reality TV show will close after having lost more than $18 million in the past two years.
Bridge Collapse

Court says trucking company to blame for bridge collapse — even though they had...

This week, the Washington Supreme Court ruled in favor of state transportation officials and against two trucking companies in the case of a 2013 bridge collapse involving an oversized load.
I-4 Tornado

Tornado tosses semi truck onto SUV in scary video clip

A Florida driver caught the moment that a semi truck was blown onto a passenger vehicle on Friday night.
Double Brokering

Man admits to scheming truckers out of more than $1 million

A Maryland man has pled guilty to fraud charges after he allegedly rerouted and stole more than 1000 payment checks from trucking companies and freight brokers.
43 ton truck 2

Trucker takes 43 ton truck over 14 ton bridge, with expected results

North Dakota police say that a semi truck driver is to blame for collapsing an historic bridge in Grand Forks yesterday.
Texas Truck Stops

Man admits to hiding humans in semis at Texas truck stops without drivers’ knowledge

Federal authorities say that a man has pled guilty to charges related to a human smuggling scheme that took place at south Texas truck stops.

Beacon Transport to kick off the new year with a major truck driver pay...

Tennessee-based trucking company Beacon Transport announced that they will be offering up a pay increase for truck drivers with multiple levels of experience. 
Walmart Trucking Jobs

Walmart just figured out how to solve the driver shortage: Pay drivers more

Walmart appears to have cracked the code to hiring and retaining hundreds of new truck drivers in amid a 'driver shortage' -- and their revolutionary new plan starts with paying them more money.
CHP lines up semis under bridge to save woman threatening to jump

Truckers line up under overpass to protect woman who threatened to jump

This week, a group of truck drivers came together to help a woman who was threatening to leap off of an overpass onto a busy freeway below.

Hurricane Express doubles in size through a driver centric approach

Thus far in its 26-year history, one Eastern Oklahoma transportation company has taken itself from a single truck to a fleet of 160 power units – and continues to grow.
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