More Trucking Companies Moving To Hair Testing For Drug Screening

Is hair testing soon to become a mandated form of drug testing for trucking companies?
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday To CDLLife!

CDLLife is celebrating its birthday and what a year it's been! We're so thankful you've been a part of our lives for the past year and we hope that you'll be with us for many more years to come.
Urgent: Missing Truck Driver and Truck

UPDATE: Missing Truck Driver and Truck FOUND

A truck driver and her truck are missing and have not been heard from for days. Please help us locate her.
New Law Will Fine Truckers For Failing To Remove Snow and Ice From Trucks

New Law Will Fine Truckers For Failing To Remove Snow and Ice From Trucks

Do you clear your truck of ice and snow?

Genius Coca-Cola Hacks For Truck Drivers

While we at CDLLife don't recommend going overboard on drinking soda, there are other great reasons for truck drivers to keep some on hand. Keep reading to learn how Coke can make life on...
CR England

UPDATE: Log Was Not Updated For Truck Driver Involved in Deadly I-35 Bridge Crash

The Department of Public Safety's investigation into the confusing and fatal I-35 bridge crash in Saldano, Texas that took place March 26th has started to turn up new information. Officials Give New Details on Saldano Accident At...
Medical Exams At Truck Stop

Medical Certification Deadline Looming, Thousands Still Not Self-Certified

By January 30, 2014, all CDL holders will be required to self-certify their type of vehicle operation. The type of classification will determine if they need to submit a Fed Med Card to the DMV or not. Some states already require this.
Walmart Concept Trucks Draw Skepticism

Walmart Ready To Roll Out Expanded Fleet of Supercubes

More supercubes to hit the road soon.
Tow Truck Drivervideo

VIDEO: Scary Situation, Very Lucky Tow Truck Driver

A cable snaps as a tow truck driver is working to pull a truck out of a ditch.
Skillful Backingvideo

VIDEO: Skillful Driver Demonstrates Impressive Backing Skills

Check out these impressive backing skills!

FMCSA Puts the Brakes on Two SC Carriers and One Owner Operator

Today, the FMCSA announced it has put the brakes on two South Carolina carriers and one owner-operator, calling the three an "imminent hazard to the public safety."
Happy Thanksgiving

CDLLife’s Thanksgiving Thankfuls

See what we're thankful for and tell us what you're thankful for.

Food Cowboy Releases App That Fights Hunger

The tech company Food Cowboy founded by long-haul truck driver Richard Gordon has figured out a way to help truck drivers reroute "ugly" fresh produce to those in need instead of landfills
Marijuana Watermelon

Driver Tries to Smuggle Pot In Fake Watermelons

Truck driver tries to smuggle millions worth of marijuana painted and disguised as watermelons by the mexican drug cartel but caught in Tuscon, AZ
Truck Driver Pet Supplies You May Not Have Heard Of

Truck Driver Pet Supplies You May Not Have Heard Of

Great truck driver travel pet supplies that are awesome and affordable. You may not have heard of some of them. What's your favorite pet product?
Ban For Drivers Nationwide

Hand-Held Cell Phone Ban for Truckers Now In Effect

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood issued a final ruling on the federal hand-held cell phone ban for commercial carriers. Is it a good idea, and more importantly, can it be enforced?