dish soap

Don’t Drive Without Dish Soap

If you're only using dish soap to wash dishes, you're missing out on some amazing ways that it can make life on the road easier. Smart Uses For Dish Soap --Use it to spot clean grease...

Former New Jersey Trucking Company Owner Unveils A Mysterious House

Former New Jersey trucking company owner, Yiorgos Kyriakopoulos has revealed the mysterious history behind a house that's been sitting atop a Syracuse, New York factory since the late 1800's. Until now, those who have...

Driver Editorial: 30 Years From Now

For decades, the bar for training a driver has been set at our ankles. It is time to set the bar at eye-level-- If not higher.
Video: 30 Days of Beautiful Big Rigs

Video: 30 Days of Beautiful Big Rigs

Simply amazing! If you love trucks, you have to watch this video!

Update: Missing Girls Found Safe, Fugitive Found Dead

The two missing Bain sisters have been found safe. Get details on the their recovery here.

CDL Holder, 2 Trucks Help Steer Megabus To Safety

Some quick-thinking truck drivers steer a Megabus to safety.

FMCSA Declares Three Drivers An ‘Imminent Hazard To Public Safety’

Since the beginning of 2013, the FMCSA has ordered 10 drivers to not operate a commercial vehicle.
Websites That Sell Only American Made Products

Made in America: Websites That Sell Only American Made Products

In honor of Independence Day, we wanted to share a list of stores that only sell American made products. Did you know that spending $30 a month on American products could save 1 million American jobs?
Weekly Trucking andTransportation News

Hours Of Service Rule Change – Hard Facts

FMCSA HOS Final Rule was handed down early, with expected and unexpected changes to current guidelines, making future court battles likely...

FMCSA Shuts Down Chameleon Trucking Company In Alabama

You can run from the FMCSA, but you can't hide. Find out the latest trucking company to be placed out of service by the FMCSA.
Gary Teel Weinrich Truck Line

Weinrich Driver Reaches 3.5 Million Milestone

Driver, Gary Teel, reached 3.5 million ‘spotless’ miles during his 25-year career at Weinrich Truck Line Inc., last week!
FMCSA Places Carrier Out Of Service

FMCSA Shuts Down Hazardous North Carolina Carrier

The FMCSA has ordered a North Carolina trucking company to cease operations.
Clay's Ferry Bridge

Investigators: Trucker Found Under Bridge After Crash Likely Jumped

A trucker's body was found under a bridge after a crash Monday morning on Clay's Ferry bridge over the Kentucky River.

Truck Driver Files For HOS Exemption

A team driver has applied for an exemption from HOS.
2012 HOS Rule Logbook Tutorial

New HOS Rules: Visual Examples for Truckers

This article has a link to the FMCSA's new online tutorial about how to fill out your logbooks to avoid violating the new HOS rules.