HOS Rules

New HOS Regulations Increase Fatigue, Reduce Pay, OOIDA Says

"The arbitrary requirements of when a drivers must take the breaks leave no room in a driver's work day to contend with unpredictable factors such as bead weather or heavy traffic," OOIDA states.
Heartland Express Acquires Washington Carrier

Heartland Express Acquires Washington Carrier

Yesterday, Heartland Express announced it has acquired Washington carrier Gordon Trucking, Inc.
Manslaughter Charges Filed Against Trucker Following Crash Caused By Tire Blowout

Former FMCSA Investigator Charged With Falsifying Logs

A former FCSA investigator is sentenced for falsifying logbooks. How much trouble did he and the trucking company he consulted for get into?
UPS Loses Sexual Harassment Suit

DOL Orders California Carrier To Pay Drivers $2 Million In Owed Benefits

"Contractors that do business with the federal government have an obligation to abide by the law and pay their employees the required contractual rates and benefits."
I-285 Crash

Lanes Reopening After I-285 Crash That Sent Two Trucks Flying Off Bridge

Lanes are beginning to reopen following a Sandy Springs, Georgia, crash that sent two trucks flying off of I-285 and landing on Ga. 400. The accident happened just before noon when a Publix truck and...
Police Identify Truck Driver In Video

Police Release Video Of Big Rig That Almost Hit Two Officers

Police in Lufkin, Texas, have released shocking video of a big rig that nearly hit two of their officers and a civilian on Monday morning. The two officers were on Southwood drive around 9:30 a.m....

Meet CDL Life’s Newest Addition: Wendy Benton Parker

Meet CDL Life's newest addition - Wendy Benton Parker has joined our crew. Wendy has a slightly skewed and somewhat vulgar grasp on reality and truck driving, and we love it!
Nebraska Troopers Spring Second Surprise Truck Inspection Blitz In Two Days

CVSA Announces 2014 Operation Safe Driver Results

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance today announced the results of 2014 Operation Safe Driver.
Neighbors Complaining of Noise Prompt City To Close The Company

Trucking Blogger Encourages Unity Among Drivers

A trucking blogger highlights what he feels drivers and carriers can do to provide a better future for the trucking industry. Do you agree?
FMCSA Launches HHG Movers Education Campaign

FMCSA Fraud Task Force Shuts Down 5 HHG Carriers

The FMCSA announced that the agency's Moving Fraud Task Force has shut down five household goods moving companies in Florida, South Carolina and Maryland.
Rolling Strong

Rolling Strong Is Coming To CDLLife

Bob Perry, president and founder of Rolling Strong, and Sean Mohr, vice president of development for Rolling Strong, will soon be on-hand to answer your health and wellness questions.
Important Info You Need To Know

Living Your Worst Nightmare: How To Prepare

Important info you need to know!
New Sleeper Berth Pilot Program Proposed

New Sleeper Berth Pilot Program Proposed

"Experience teaches us that humans have different sleep habits and regulatory limitations do not always address them adequately. For example, when provided with sample driver logs for various driving scenarios, Circadian/Sleep experts on 100% of occasions and truck drivers on 73% of occasions selected the Non-Compliant option as most likely to enable better sleep, alertness and safety (Moore-Ede, 2007)."

Truck Driver Saves Family From Submerged Car

A truck driver saved a driver, passenger and five children when their car became submerged. Read his story and other stories about hero truck drivers.
The Trucking Bozo Radio Host Sommers

A Sad Day For The Trucking Industry

Sad news for the trucking industry.
daylight savings time

Truck Driver Alert: Morning Accidents Increase After Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time has always been controversial. Many people question whether it is necessary now that we've moved away from being an agricultural society. Others, truck drivers especially, feel the sting of losing an...