New Sleeper Berth Pilot Program Proposed

New Sleeper Berth Pilot Program Proposed

"Experience teaches us that humans have different sleep habits and regulatory limitations do not always address them adequately. For example, when provided with sample driver logs for various driving scenarios, Circadian/Sleep experts on 100% of occasions and truck drivers on 73% of occasions selected the Non-Compliant option as most likely to enable better sleep, alertness and safety (Moore-Ede, 2007)."
New Law Will Fine Truckers For Failing To Remove Snow and Ice From Trucks

New Law Will Fine Truckers For Failing To Remove Snow and Ice From Trucks

Do you clear your truck of ice and snow?

Truck Driver Files For HOS Exemption

A team driver has applied for an exemption from HOS.
Video: 30 Days of Beautiful Big Rigs

Video: 30 Days of Beautiful Big Rigs

Simply amazing! If you love trucks, you have to watch this video!
Medical Exams At Truck Stop

Medical Certification Deadline Looming, Thousands Still Not Self-Certified

By January 30, 2014, all CDL holders will be required to self-certify their type of vehicle operation. The type of classification will determine if they need to submit a Fed Med Card to the DMV or not. Some states already require this.
HOS Rules

New Hampshire Senator Introduces Bill That Would Turn Back the Clock on HOS

More politicians question FMCSA's methodology.
Michigan CDL Holders

FHWA Extends Comment Period on Truck Size, Weight Study

The Federal Highway Administration announced it is extending the comment period on the truck size and weight study. The original comment period was expected to end on January 3, 2014, but because of input from...
Trucking Company Owner and Family Murdered: Feds Searching For Carrier's Dispatcher

Update: Man Suspected Of Murdering Colorado Trucking Company Owner, Family Caught

A nationwide manhunt for a man suspected in the deaths of a Colorado trucking company owner and his family has ended.

FMCSA Puts the Brakes on Two SC Carriers and One Owner Operator

Today, the FMCSA announced it has put the brakes on two South Carolina carriers and one owner-operator, calling the three an "imminent hazard to the public safety."
UPS Loses Sexual Harassment Suit

DOL Orders California Carrier To Pay Drivers $2 Million In Owed Benefits

"Contractors that do business with the federal government have an obligation to abide by the law and pay their employees the required contractual rates and benefits."
Rolling Strong

Rolling Strong Is Coming To CDLLife

Bob Perry, president and founder of Rolling Strong, and Sean Mohr, vice president of development for Rolling Strong, will soon be on-hand to answer your health and wellness questions.
Tow Truck Drivervideo

VIDEO: Scary Situation, Very Lucky Tow Truck Driver

A cable snaps as a tow truck driver is working to pull a truck out of a ditch.

VIDEO: Baby Dragged Under Truck – Survives

Watch this horrifying footage of a baby who is dragged after it's stroller becomes stuck under a truck. The baby's mother was pushing the stroller when it became stuck - the incident was caught on...

CDLLife Caption Contest

Time for a CDLLife Caption Contest! Best comment/caption (most likes) gets a prize pack! If you have a photo that’s caption contest-worthy, to [email protected] – we’d love to share it!

Food Cowboy Releases App That Fights Hunger

The tech company Food Cowboy founded by long-haul truck driver Richard Gordon has figured out a way to help truck drivers reroute "ugly" fresh produce to those in need instead of landfills