Fourteen days on the truck & a proud trucker’s girl!

Fourteen days on the truck with my trucker has opened my eyes to the open road. It's the job he choose but it's a lonely road. Trucking is not easy! A proud trucker's girl!

Former New Jersey Trucking Company Owner Unveils A Mysterious House

Former New Jersey trucking company owner, Yiorgos Kyriakopoulos has revealed the mysterious history behind a house that's been sitting atop a Syracuse, New York factory since the late 1800's. Until now, those who have...
Happy Thanksgiving

CDLLife’s Thanksgiving Thankfuls

See what we're thankful for and tell us what you're thankful for.
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday To CDLLife!

CDLLife is celebrating its birthday and what a year it's been! We're so thankful you've been a part of our lives for the past year and we hope that you'll be with us for many more years to come.
Ban For Drivers Nationwide

Agency Calls For Nationwide Ban On Handheld Phones

Drivers, do you agree with this agency?

CDL Holder, 2 Trucks Help Steer Megabus To Safety

Some quick-thinking truck drivers steer a Megabus to safety.
The Trucking Bozo Radio Host Sommers

A Sad Day For The Trucking Industry

Sad news for the trucking industry.
Urgent: Missing Truck Driver and Truck

UPDATE: Missing Truck Driver and Truck FOUND

A truck driver and her truck are missing and have not been heard from for days. Please help us locate her.
Neighbors Complaining of Noise Prompt City To Close The Company

Trucking Blogger Encourages Unity Among Drivers

A trucking blogger highlights what he feels drivers and carriers can do to provide a better future for the trucking industry. Do you agree?

Meet CDL Life’s Newest Addition: Wendy Benton Parker

Meet CDL Life's newest addition - Wendy Benton Parker has joined our crew. Wendy has a slightly skewed and somewhat vulgar grasp on reality and truck driving, and we love it!

Closer Look: Peterbilt Sentinal Concept Semi Truck

Get a close up look at one of the emerging Peterbilt semi truck designs created by a technical design student named Vasilatos Ianis.

Truck Driver Saves Family From Submerged Car

A truck driver saved a driver, passenger and five children when their car became submerged. Read his story and other stories about hero truck drivers.

North Carolina Carrier Ordered To Pay $120K Discrimination Lawsuit

A North Carolina has been ordered to pay a large fine for discrimination. Get the details here.

$17 Billion in New Road Projects Readied Through Transportation Bill

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced the availability of up to $17 billion in loans for critical infrastructure projects across the country.

More Trucking Companies Moving To Hair Testing For Drug Screening

Is hair testing soon to become a mandated form of drug testing for trucking companies?
Manslaughter Charges Filed Against Trucker Following Crash Caused By Tire Blowout

Former FMCSA Investigator Charged With Falsifying Logs

A former FCSA investigator is sentenced for falsifying logbooks. How much trouble did he and the trucking company he consulted for get into?