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Hours Of Service Rule Change – Hard Facts

FMCSA HOS Final Rule was handed down early, with expected and unexpected changes to current guidelines, making future court battles likely...
Ban For Drivers Nationwide

Hand-Held Cell Phone Ban for Truckers Now In Effect

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood issued a final ruling on the federal hand-held cell phone ban for commercial carriers. Is it a good idea, and more importantly, can it be enforced?
Mexican Pilot Program 2012

FMCSA’s Mexican Pilot Program – Origins & Guidelines

Supporters of FMCSA's Mexican Pilot Program say it benefits consumers in both nations by lowering transportation costs. Critics say it's an unnecessary outsourcing of American jobs. Who's right?
Trucking and Transportation News

The Pre-Trip Inspection Nov. 28 – Dec. 3

The Pre-Trip Inspection is your place for transportation industry news that effects you. Check back before you go and stay in the know.
Trucking and Transportation News

The Pre-Trip Inspection Nov 21 – 26

November 21 trucking and transportation industry issues; budget battles, highway and bridge safety plans, state elections, FMCSA rulings and more...