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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

High Waters

Truck driver gets a good lesson in why you don’t drive into high waters

A trucker tries to take on a flooded roadway -- and fails miserably.
I-10 Bridge

Truck driver takes panicky trip over Louisiana bridge

A truck driver was caught on camera white-knuckling his way across an unnerving I-10 bridge in Louisiana. The video features North Carolina truck driver Kevric Spencer as he...
Jingle Bells

Guy plays ‘Jingle Bells’ with nothing but a set of wrenches

A festive new YouTube video features a user banging out the classic Christmas song "Jingle Bells" using only wrenches.

Police investigating truck vs. railroad crossing arm video

Florida police are investigating video shared by a motorist of a trucker rumbling through an active railroad crossing just seconds before the train goes through.

Quick-thinking trucker saves sliding motorist in dash cam clip

A trucker finds himself uncomfortably close to a serious t-bone crash in this dash cam video.

Love’s responds to viral video involving security guard who threatened to shoot trucker

Love's Travel Centers has issued a response to a video that went viral over the weekend involving security guard and a trucker at a Tennessee truck stop location.

Tiny Truck Stop Post Causes A Lot of Damage

A truck driver had an unfortunate run-in with a post. The post created a lot of damage. The drivers not going anywhere for a while.

Car veers into semi, causes wiggle wagon wipeout

A semi truck driver does a remarkable job of minimizing the damage after a car suddenly swerves at him on a Georgia interstate, causing a major crash. The video...

Crazy car hauler crash caught on trucker dash cam

A trucker was lucky that his dash cam was rolling when he was struck by an out of control pickup hauling a trailer loaded up with cars.

VIDEO: A truck driver tries to go through a McDonald’s drive thru. It does...

A truck driver's struggles as he tries to maneuver through a fast food drive thru are caught on surveillance camera.

VIDEO: Legendary driver cranks jet truck up to 215 MPH

Jet truck driver Bob Motz proves that he's still got it, showing off his speed at the Snowbird Outlaw Nationals in Bradenton, Florida

VIDEO: Military unit rolls through truck stop

A military unit was filmed rolling through a truck stop earlier this week, sparking conversation over what they might be doing.  The video was apparently filmed on January 11th,...
Canada Close Call

Impatient car driver almost gets pancaked by a semi

A car driver making a hasty turn at an intersection likely owes his life to the attentiveness and quick reflexes of a truck driver. 
2 Tired

Truck driver is ‘two tired’ to notice what he’s missing

A truck driver's wheely scary misadventure is captured on dash cam.
Vegan Protester

Livestock hauler refuses to stop for vegan protester blocking road

A vegan protester says that she was injured after a very close encounter with a semi truck driver hauling livestock.
Semi Vs. SUV Road Rage

Semi truck swerves at SUV in incident caught on camera

A truck driver appears to threaten a car driver by swerving into the car's lane and nearly sideswiping the vehicle.
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