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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Wrong Side of the Guardrail

Trucker takes a scary side trip through the ditch

A truck driver suddenly loses control of his rig and finds himself going off-roading in this dash cam clip.

VIDEO: Trucker loses big time battle with high wind

A storm chaser was on hand to film when a semi truck succumbed to high winds in Alberta this week.

Pickup plows full speed into stopped semi in surveillance video

A pickup truck driver somehow survived a high speed crash into a semi trailer in Virginia on Wednesday.

Pickup driver brake checks truck so he can smash it with a pipe

South Carolina police are looking for a pickup driver who was involved in an apparent road rage incident with a truck earlier this month.
Hammer Bash

Irate neighbor bashes concrete truck with hammer in baffling video

A man who is angry about a concrete truck and crew working near his property takes bizarre revenge out on the vehicle in this video.
Storage Lockers

Stuck truck tears up storage lockers in cringe-y video

An Enterprise rental truck driver trying to navigate through a storage facility finds himself in a tight spot in this cellphone video.
Gas Tanker

Wrong way police pursuit causes gut-wrenching close call with gas tanker

A car driver fleeing from Wisconsin police comes uncomfortably close to causing a head-on collision with a tanker truck.

Think you’ve seen it all? How about this ‘turntable’ loading dock?

You might think you've seen everything there is to see in trucking -- but have you ever seen a loading dock like this?
Merging Cop

Trucker has a very close encounter with a cop in dash cam clip

A truck driver has his dash cam rolling when he is cut off by a merging police cruiser.

Truckers are impressed by this driver’s backing skills

A truck driver showcases some impressive backing skills with a double trailer in this clip.  CDLLife App member Big Runt shared the video on January 15th, attracting some attention...

Trucker documents tornado devastation at Nashville terminal

A truck driver shared video of the severe damage caused by powerful tornadoes at his Nashville truck terminal early this morning.
Pain in the Neck

Pain in the neck: Volvo commercial shows how much long haul trucking can hurt

A new ad spot from Volvo Trucks highlights the physical toll that trucking takes on the body.

VIDEO: Car driving next to semi loses trailer in spectacular fashion

A dash cam was rolling on a New York roadway when a motorist passing a semi on the right suddenly lost a trailer.

Woman brought home cooked meals to dozens of truckers stranded on Mississippi I-20

When severe winter weather left truckers stuck on a Mississippi interstate, a local woman organized the community to help deliver meals to feed dozens of drivers.

Scary road rage battle between semi driver and motorist caught on dash cam

A car driver shared dash cam video of an apparent road rage encounter that he had with a trucker earlier this month.

WATCH: Ted Nugent thanks truckers for “kicking maximum a**”

LiveTrucking and singer Ted Nugent say thank you to drivers for all that you do for the American people.
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