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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Iowa State Fair

Trucker Grills Clueless Presidential Hopeful Over FMCSA Regulations in Video

A Democratic presidential candidate was cornered at the Iowa State Fair by a trucker who wanted very specific answers to his questions about trucking regulations.
Semi Vs. SUV Road Rage

Semi truck swerves at SUV in incident caught on camera

A truck driver appears to threaten a car driver by swerving into the car's lane and nearly sideswiping the vehicle.
Trucker 411

Trucker 411: New Zealand owner-operator lives his American trucking dream

Lots of drivers from around the world dream of marking the move to trucking in the U.S.A. -- so we got the inside scoop from an owner-operator who did just that.
Route 8

Wrong way car plows into semi truck on Ohio highway in dash cam video

A motorist's dash cam captured terrifying footage of a wrong way multi-vehicle crash that happened on an Ohio highway this week.

Wonder how runaway truck ramps work? This video is for you.

The quick, informative video below breaks down how different types of runaway ramps work -- just in case you ever need to use one.

Quick-thinking trucker saves sliding motorist in dash cam clip

A trucker finds himself uncomfortably close to a serious t-bone crash in this dash cam video.

We want to help 55,000 truck drivers keep more of their hard earned money....

We want to help 55,000 truck drivers keep more of their hard earned money while reminding the public at large that without truckers, they'd have nothing. Here's how it works.
Flaming Stacks

Flaming stacks spotted in wild video

A motorist caught video of a semi truck spewing flames from its stacks as it passes through a busy intersection.
Truck Parking

Report: Lack of truck parking is causing ‘death and injury’

A Cincinnati news station recently shared a report detailing how dangerous the lack of safe truck parking really is -- both for truck drivers and for the public at large.

Wyoming troopers share wild two truck crash video

The Wyoming Highway Patrol shared dash cam video of a two truck crash that occurred on a slick roadway on I-25 near Kaycee.

Teeny trash haulers get it done

A tiny but mighty semi truck pitches in with the household chores!
Pass Attempt

Pass attempt puts trucker lives in danger

A Facebook user shared frightening video of a near head-on crash involving several commercial vehicles.
CDL Meals

Check out this trucker meal delivery service ‘unboxing’ video

Eating healthy while you're on the road can be a challenge, but a new meal delivery service aimed at truck drivers is trying to make it easier for truckers to get good food on the go.
Truck Stop

Controversial video captures trucker trying to start fight in parking lot

A trucking vlogger shared a heated encounter with a fellow truck driver that started over a "missed" turn signal and a "was-it-really-necessary?" horn honk.
Power Poles

Oversized load takes down power poles in dash cam video

A dash cam captured the moment that a truck hauling an oversized load brought down multiple power poles in Pennsylvania earlier today.
VICE TuSimple

‘Definitely different’: Truckers get a first-hand look at a self driving semi

In a recent VICE News video report, an autonomous trucking company executive stops by a truck stop to talk with drivers about the technology that threatens their jobs.
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