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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

VIDEO: Trucker saves his buddy from brake-failure death

A trucking employee saved a fellow worker from near-death in this heroic video.  In the clip, a trucking yard employee can be seen standing in the lot when he...

Watch how this ‘trucker’s girl’ preps for her driver to come home after a...

A TikTok user gives viewers a look into how she cleans and preps for her truck driver to come home after weeks on the road.

VIDEO: When car hauling goes very, very wrong

What looks to be a very expensive mistake was captured on camera in this unfortunate video.  In the clip, a red sports car was apparently secured incorrectly as it...

VIDEO: The realest old school trucking advice from a true OG

A trucking veteran of 50+ years gives some heartfelt advice we could all benefit from in this quick clip.  “Sometimes, it’s no one but you in the truck,” he...

WATCH: Trucker encounters a different type of traffic jam

One trucker encountered a different type of traffic jam in this interesting video.  In the clip, a massive group of animals can be seen crossing a major roadway all...

Video dives into New York City’s crackdown on idling trucks

Last week, New York City officials pushed a program that rewards locals with cash for reporting on idling trucks -- here's what you need to know.

Pickup driver picks a fight with a trucker in the left lane

A trucker's dash cam was rolling as a pickup truck driver tries to punish him with brake checks. The video was captured on June 17, 2020, and shared...
Caspar the Camel

Yes, of course there is video of that time that a trucker bit a...

This week, the bizarre tale of a Florida trucker's encounter with a camel at a Louisiana truck stop went viral -- and now surveillance video of the incident has surfaced.

WATCH: Who was in the right, trucker or motorist?

A motorist claims she gave a driver plenty of room when she pulled in front of him in this quick clip, but we want to know your opinion on the matter. 

Dust devil gives Las Vegas highway drivers a show

Drivers on a Nevada highway made an unusual sighting on Wednesday morning as a dust devil moved along Interstate 15 near Palace Station. The calm, clear, and warm conditions...
Booted Truck

NC Attorney General to investigate tow companies booting truckers in Charlotte

The North Carolina Attorney General has opened an investigation into towing companies accused of predatory booting and towing of truckers carrying essential supplies during the pandemic.
Dump truck tangles with traffic light

Dump truck tangles with traffic light

A dump truck driver with a raised bed runs afoul of a traffic light in this dash cam clip.

VIDEO: Tire blowout topples cement truck

A dash cam was rolling to catch the frightening moment that a tire blowout turned the world upside down for a cement truck driver.

WATCH: Big rig plows through parked patrol car, group of people

Dash cam footage of a semi truck hitting  a parked patrol car and narrowly missing a small group of people was released by the Florida highway Patrol recently.  The...

WATCH: Driver leaps into cab of runaway truck in the nick of time

A truck driver got incredibly lucky in this footage of an impressive save.  In the clip, a truck loaded with some sort of gas begins rolling out of the...

VIDEO: ‘Flying’ fish gives trucker a fright

A truck driver's dash cam captured an unusual wildlife moment on a Charlotte highway.
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