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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Off Roading

Trucker veers off interstate, goes off-roading

A New York motorist's dash cam captured a semi truck suddenly leaving the interstate and plowing through a ditch into a road sign.

Battalion of bobtails slow roll on Chicago expressway for ‘Mayday’ trucker demonstration

A large group of truckers demonstrated in Chicago on Friday as part of the 'Mayday" movement.

‘No police, no delivery’: Trucking co. owner tells Fox News his drivers won’t deliver...

On Wednesday, the owner of an Illinois trucking company appeared on a popular cable news show to talk about steps that he is taking to keep his employees safe.

‘I saved his life’ trucker says after pickup brake checks caught on dash cam

A trucker's dash cam was rolling when a reckless pickup truck driver decided to make some trouble on the highway.

This is Not Something You Expect to Pass You on the Road

Truck drivers see all kind of crazy things on the road but we're betting you've never been passed by this! A driver's dash camera captured the scene. The...
Tow Truck Vs. Semi

Watch a tow truck driver’s day go from tedious to terrifying thanks to a...

Wisconsin police have released dash cam video of a violent collision that occurred when a semi truck driver lost control and slammed into a tow truck.

Car driver’s swerve sends truck plunging off overpass in horrifying crash

A motorist's sudden swerve into a truck caused it to crash off the roadway and plummet dozens of feet, killing the truck driver.

Load shift suspected in big rig rollover caught on camera

An Illinois man captured wild video of a semi truck rolling over in an intersection as the driver tried to make a turn.

This truck driver’s U-Turn maneuver earned him 6 months in jail

Video featuring an English truck driver's dangerous driving has gone viral worldwide this week after it was shared by Staffordshire Police.

Semi Truck Escapes From Driver In WTF Video Clip

A semi truck driver's really rough day is caught on camera by bystanders.

Trucker plays Santa for kids of Celadon drivers

A trucker explains how the driving community can come together to support the families of former Celadon truck drivers.
Trucker Cat

Trucker’s kitty co-pilot featured in sweet video

A trucker shows what life is life over the road with a cat companion in a new video from animal site The Dodo.
Dump Truck

Dump truck driver takes evasive action

A sudden traffic slow down has a dump truck driver making a sudden swerve to avoid what could have been a serious chain reaction crash.

Security camera captures terrifying tanker rollover

A Vermont man captured stunning footage of a tanker truck rollover earlier this week.
Mack truck

Truck with no front tires leads cops on wild chase in video

A truck driver is in custody after leading Alabama police on a four county pursuit early Friday morning.

Video Shows Exactly Why You Don’t Team

Anyone who's ever driven team knows it's not easy to do...even if it's with someone you like. These two team drivers have clearly had it with one another.
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