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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Burn some rubber with this big rig drag race ride along video

Burn some rubber with this big rig drag race ride along video

We know that you've seen big rig drag races before -- but have you ever been inside the cab for one of these awesome spectacles of diesel power?
Steer Tire Blowout 2

Steer tire blowout sends trucker into oncoming traffic

A trucker's dash cam takes you along for a wild ride as a blown steer tire sends a semi though the median of the interstate and into oncoming traffic.

Try not to cringe as you watch this luxury yacht hauling fail

A Facebook video featuring a transport team's attempt -- and fail -- to haul an expensive yacht has gone viral.

Trucker’s dash cam captures exit cheater getting instant justice

A sneaky car driver cuts in front of a semi truck on a busy exit ramp -- only to get busted by a waiting police officer.
Dump truck tangles with traffic light

Dump truck tangles with traffic light

A dump truck driver with a raised bed runs afoul of a traffic light in this dash cam clip.

See Volvo’s *very* driverless truck in action at port terminal

Truck maker Volvo just debuted video of the autonomous electric "Vera" truck performing real world work at a port terminal. Vera was recently assigned the task of moving...
Runaway FedEx

Driver gets great workout while chasing runaway truck

A truck driver who reportedly failed to set his parking brake sprints to catch up with his runaway truck.
Hydroplaning Car

Hydroplaning car plows into semi truck in alarming dash cam clip

A driver's dash cam captured frightening footage of an out of control car slamming into a semi truck in North Carolina.
High Winds Kansas

Big rig vanquished by big winds in dash cam video

A drive down a windy Kansas highway takes a turn for the terrifying in one truck driver's dash cam clip.

Loading dock dust devil caught on camera

A meteorologist shared video of an imposing dust devil captured at an Iowa trucking facility.
Red Car Brake Check

Lady punishes trucker with brake check

A car driver who appears to be angry with a trucker for a dangerous land change decides to take matters into her own hands in this dash cam clip.
Canada Close Call

Impatient car driver almost gets pancaked by a semi

A car driver making a hasty turn at an intersection likely owes his life to the attentiveness and quick reflexes of a truck driver. 

Troopers rescue trucker after DOT cameras catch him swerving for miles

Minnesota troopers were able to provide help for a truck driver who was seen swerving across lanes for several miles this morning.
Wrong Way Pickup

Wrong way pickup collides with semi truck in disturbing video

A motorist captured video of a pickup driver's terrifying wrong way trip down an Illinois interstate that ended with a collision with a semi truck.

Trucker appears on CNN to talk Trump and tariffs

As Trump proposed a plan to significantly increase tariffs of Mexican goods, a Pennsylvania-based trucker appeared on CNN to talk about the impact of the president's trade decisions.
Car Vs. Minivan

Trucker’s dash cam captures intersection smash-up that earned a motorist a ticket

A semi truck driver has shared dash cam video of an intersection crash involving a minivan and a motorcycle.

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