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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Trucker Spills Hot Coffee In Lap, Totals His Custom Semi In Dash Cam Clip

One moment of distraction caused by a cup of hot coffee is all it took for one truck driver to total his custom Peterbilt.
Gas Tanker

Cameras capture gas tanker with brake trouble crashing down embankment

This week, surveillance cameras captured the frightening downhill journey of a gas tanker truck driver who was reportedly having brake trouble.
Dangerous Pass

Trucker Has Seconds To React To High-Risk Pass In Dash Cam Video

A semi truck driver's dash cam captured a fellow driver's dangerous driving maneuver that could have easily turned into a deadly crash.
Blessing Of the Semis

Michigan Church Holds Yearly ‘Blessing Of The Semis’

Every year, a Detroit community comes together for a unique celebration meant to celebrate truckers and provide them with spiritual protection out on the road.
Black Smoke Matters MSNBC

‘Black Smoke Matters’ Members Make Their Late Night TV Debut

A group of truck drivers who are part of the online "Black Smoke Matters" group were featured in a late night tv show segment about the state of the trucking industry.
Salmon Arm

Truck Driver Fired Over Dangerous Pass Caught on Dash Cam

A semi truck driver caught on dash cam performing a reckless driving maneuver was fired after the video was shared with transportation officials and his employer.
Iowa State Fair

Trucker Grills Clueless Presidential Hopeful Over FMCSA Regulations in Video

A Democratic presidential candidate was cornered at the Iowa State Fair by a trucker who wanted very specific answers to his questions about trucking regulations.
El Paso Train Crash

Prius Goes Flying After Car Hauler Gets Hammered by Train

A bystander captured violent footage of a train vs. truck crash that happened in El Paso, Texas, on Monday.

Merge fail in construction zone causes semi truck to topple

A semi truck driver appears to see an electronic merge sign too late and winds up rolling over in a construction zone in this surveillance video.
Double Life

Eye-opening video explores the ‘Double Life of a Truck Driver’

A short documentary video gives viewers an intimate look at the hardships of life on the road for the men and women of the trucking community.
Truck Stop

Controversial video captures trucker trying to start fight in parking lot

A trucking vlogger shared a heated encounter with a fellow truck driver that started over a "missed" turn signal and a "was-it-really-necessary?" horn honk.

Trucker’s crazy rollover crash into gas station lot caught on security video

A semi truck driver is lucky to be alive -- let alone relatively uninjured -- following an intersection rollover crash that sent him barrelling into a Casey's gas station parking lot in Minnesota on Monday.
Hammer Bash

Irate neighbor bashes concrete truck with hammer in baffling video

A man who is angry about a concrete truck and crew working near his property takes bizarre revenge out on the vehicle in this video.

Trucker stunned by rookie driver’s fuel pump struggles

A trucker films his experience as he tries to help a newer driver struggling at the truck stop.
Mack truck

Truck with no front tires leads cops on wild chase in video

A truck driver is in custody after leading Alabama police on a four county pursuit early Friday morning.
PA Power Outage

Tractor trailer knocks down power poles, starts fire, in police video

Pennsylvania police shared video of a semi truck taking down power poles and power lines, sparking a fire and knocking out power in the area.

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