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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

WATCH: Motorist uses emergency vehicle turnaround to drive right into oncoming semi truck

A motorist walked away from a serious accident caused by their misuse of an emergency vehicle turnaround in Ohio on Monday.  The avoidable accident happened on March 29th in...

WATCH: Oblivious dump truck driver nearly drags utility pole into oncoming car

An apparently oblivious dump truck driver nearly pulled a downed utility pole right through an oncoming car in this odd video.  The incident occurred on Wednesday, March 24th in...

GoPro captures dramatic semi flip in whiteout conditions

A trucker shared stunning video of a truck rollover captured in Alberta on Monday morning.

WATCH: Ever had your reefer unloaded like this?

A CDLLife App member and truck driver took to the app on Monday to share a trucking moment he had never experienced before.  “Never seen a reefer get unloaded...

VIDEO: How to wheelie a bob tail

A man managed to ‘pop-a-wheelie’ in an old day-cab semi truck in this unique video complete with some vague but useful instructions.  “How to ride a 100 foot wheelie...

WATCH: Historic apartment building hauled right down the street

A historic apartment building in California has been moved just down the street from its original location thanks to a semi truck and some very careful maneuvering. The two-story...

VIDEO: Trucker’s trip through construction zone almost ends in disaster

Dash cam captured a trucker's near-rollover crash in a construction zone in Tennessee.

Video provides an eye-opening look at life as a NASCAR hauler

NASCAR recently shared video documenting the journey of one hauler on the way to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

This revamped truck might just inspire your own spring cleaning

This trucker's video of her spruced up big rig might just be the inspiration you need to update your own vehicle this spring. Niesha K posted a vlog...

WATCH: Woman narrowly avoids being crushed by dump truck on live TV

A woman was nearly run over by a dump truck during a live TV broadcast in this clip.  In the video, a group of bicyclists can be seen waiting...

VIDEO: We dare DOT to inspect this Jaws-worthy load

A motorist caught an unusual load in transit on a Baltimore highway.

VIDEO: Driver forced into median to avoid wrong way pickup

In this video clip, the dash cammer has to use evasive action to avoid a pickup truck driving the wrong direction in his lane. The dash cam clip...

VIDEO: Big rig battered by dust storm in Texas

A driver captured alarming video of a semi truck driver struggling to keep his rig upright during a dust storm.

ASMR: Trucking Edition

A truck driver filmed himself shifting gears in this simple yet soothing video, and the noise is music to our ears.  “Just a few gears in the recently deleted...

VIDEO: Dump truck driver charged after shoving Mini Cooper on highway

Toronto police say that a dump truck driver was charged following an incident involving a small car that was caught on video.

Texas cops share dash cam video of officer’s incredible close call with a semi...

On Tuesday, police in Texas shared dramatic dash cam footage of a deputy's close call with a truck near El Campo.
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