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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Coming in hot: Trucker takes turn too fast, ends up learning the hard way

The terrifying moment that a truck overturned on a ramp in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, was caught on dash cam.

Truckers get holiday treat during surprise ‘safety’ blitz

Nearly two hundred truck drivers were surprised -- in a good way -- to be pulled over by various law enforcement agencies in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Monday.
I-94 Crash

SUV driver ignores lane end sign, tries to squeeze past truck. It doesn’t...

An SUV driver causes highway chaos when he ignores a lane end sign and tries to bully a semi truck in the next lane.

Trucker says he was ‘wrongfully’ stopped and arrested in Georgia

A semi truck driver shared video with CDLLife after he says that he was wrongly arrested by Georgia police.
Truckers say they were assaulted by security guards during pickup at warehouse

Trucker says he was ‘assaulted’ by security while picking up load

A husband and wife trucker team are fighting back against charges after they say that they were unlawfully assaulted by security guards at a Mississippi food distribution center while they unknowingly tried to pick up a high profile load.
Watch- Semi truck plows through Christmas display, lands in fountain

Trucker cited for ‘careless driving’ after landing in fountain

Surveillance footage of the scene shows the truck driving straight through a roundabout and into a town Christmas display, before ending up in a fountain.
Check out this impressive display of horse power as two draft horses rescue a semi truck stuck on an icy hill in Minnesota this week.

Watch: Two horses save a semi truck stuck on an icy hill

Check out this impressive display of horsepower as two draft horses rescue a semi truck stuck on an icy hill in Minnesota this week.
Trucker passing illegally nearly hits trooper head on

Close call: Trooper dodges head-on semi

After an Oklahoma trooper's close call with a semi truck illegally passing went viral, many social media users are questioning the trooper's response to the incident.

Dash cam captures out of control apple truck on Pacheco Pass

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has shared incredible dash cam video of a two truck crash that left Pacheco Pass covered in apple sauce.
Mel's Diner

‘Parked’ semi rolls into diner while driver eats inside

Customers at a diner in California got the surprise of their lives when a parked truck rolled across the parking lot and plowed into several cars.
School bus road rage

Watch a semi truck and school bus duel on a Texas interstate

Take a look at a truck driver's dangerous response after he is cut off by a school bus.
Intruder sneaks into CHP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility

An actual bear strolled into a CHP commercial vehicle enforcement office

Troopers at the California Highway Patrol's (CHP) Donner Pass Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility got a visit from a surprising guest over the weekend. In viral video captured on November 17 and shared over the weekend...
Here's how a bale of hay *almost* caused a truck to slam into oncoming traffic

Trucker puts himself at risk to avoid potential collision with others

Check out this chain of events that came incredibly close to sending a truck barreling into oncoming traffic.
Watch: Trucker barely scrapes under one overpass, but he's not so lucky on the second

Watch: Trucker scrapes one overpass, completely loses it on the second

A container truck driver with a too-tall load almost forced his way under not just one but two overpasses in this dash cam video.
Watch a truck driver take down a motorist with a machete in a road rage fight

Car driver cuts off fuel truck, confronts truck driver with machete

Witnesses say that a car driver cut off a fuel truck driver and then threatened him with a machete during a road rage incident that was caught on camera.

Dash cam maker says this driver-facing video may have saved driver’s job

A dash cam manufacturer is making the case for driver-facing cameras by demonstrating how they saved one trucker from getting in trouble after his truck was damaged while avoiding a head-on collision.

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