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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Slow Roll

Truckers ‘slow roll’ through Texas to protest regulations

A group of truck drivers protesting against various trucking industry regulations demonstrated on a north Texas highway today.

Trucker ‘takes the ditch’ to avoid stopped police cruiser

A local news crew captured startling video of a truck driver making a last minute save to avoid hitting a parked police cruiser in Pennsylvania.
Teen driver survives fiery head-on collision with semi truck

Teen driver ‘lucky to be alive’ after veering into oncoming semi

A truck driver and the teen driver who struck him head-on are both lucky to have survived a dramatic collision that was captured on dash cam.

ODOT shares nerve-racking trucker dash cam video to show dangers of icy bridges

Ohio transportation officials have released a truck driver's dash cam video to remind drivers to exercise extra caution on icy bridges.
Trucker's emotional tribute video to OTR life goes viral

Trucker’s emotional tribute video to OTR life goes viral

"Truck driving isn't a job, it's a way of life," say the truck driver behind a moving video that has taken Facebook by storm.

Man arrested after jumping on top of cattle truck in bizarre traffic incident

A Nebraska man has charged for causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to a semi truck and other vehicles during a strange outburst that was caught on camera. The incident happened around 4 p.m....

Hit and run: Flatbed semi takes off another truck’s hood, then flees scene

An unbelievable hit and run collision was caught on a semi truck driver's dash cam.

Prius driver is almost pancaked by overturning delivery truck

The terrifying moment that a Prius driver was nearly crushed by a delivery truck in California was caught on security video this week.
Cringe Fest

Truck driver picks the worst spot to u-turn

A truck driver trying to make a super tight U-turn manages to hit the only vehicle in the parking lot -- amongst other things -- in this painful-to-watch security footage.
Box truck puts a sudden stop to high speed chase

Box truck puts a sudden stop to high speed chase

Three burglary suspects who led officers on a high speed chase are now in police custody -- thanks to a little help from a box truck driver. 
Whiteout conditions lead trucker into a terrifying surprise

Whiteout conditions lead trucker into a terrifying surprise

A Canadian truck driver battling through a severe snowstorm has little time to react when he comes upon something unexpected in the roadway in this dramatic dash cam video.
Pickup Close Call

Close call: Semi stops on a dime in order to avoid pickup that U-turned...

A semi truck driver displayed remarkable attentiveness and skill in avoiding a pickup truck driver who picked the worst possible time and place to make a U-turn.
Utilty Worker Scare

Utility worker gets a scare when semi yanks live wire from power pole

A utility worker's close call with a live wire was caught on camera in Ohio this week. 

Dramatic dash cam footage shows moment big rig lost control on California freeway

Take a look at dramatic dash cam video of a violent semi truck collision with a concrete barrier.
Trucker's clever solution

Trucker’s clever unloading hack goes viral

A video clip highlighting a truck driver's ingenious trick for unloading his truck by himself has gone viral.

Trucker says he’ll ‘never talk smack’ again after loaded semi saved by a pickup

Watch as a group of grateful truckers struggling to get up an icy hill during a snow storm get a little help from a pickup truck driver.

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