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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

VIDEO: Truck overturns after pummeling Milwaukee overpass

A truck driver is reportedly okay following a serious bridge strike was caught on video in Milwaukee on Monday.

VIDEO: Bet you’ve never seen a wreck quite like this one

Video footage from a bizarre wreck in Wyoming last month has been released - and the video doesn’t make the accident appear any less strange.  Back in December, a...

VIDEO: Ohio trooper run off the road by swerving semi

The Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) shared dash cam video of a trooper's scary close call with a semi as a reminder not to drive distracted.

VIDEO: Wild semi shoulder crash sends two men running for safety

Caught on dash cam -- a semi truck drifts onto the shoulder of the roadway and collides with another vehicle.

VIDEO: So someone figured out how to get a shower in a semi truck

A Texas-based truck driver and inventor has created a shower unit that fits inside the cab of a semi.

VIDEO: Trucker helps out cop (and himself)

In this dash cam clip, a truck driver gets out to help a police officer with a disabled vehicle to get the road clear for himself and other vehicles.

Watch as a patch of black ice sends a semi skidding into the median

A trucker's dash cam was rolling when a fellow driver fell prey to a nasty patch of black ice.

VIDEO: Mustang driver tries to zip between two semis, causing one to capsize

A truck driver's dash cam captured a major crash on a Chicago interstate earlier this week.

VIDEO: “Trucking saved my life” explains Army vet in message of hope for fellow...

A four time combat veteran, Wounded Warrior, and medically retired staff sergeant explains how trucking helped to save his life in this hopeful video interview.  In the clip, the...

Ohio trooper’s dash cam catches truck driver causing ‘scary moment’ for motorist

The Ohio State Highway Patrol shared intense dash cam footage of a near head-on crash involving a semi truck and a passenger vehicle.

VIDEO: Truck driver slices open trailer on awning while trying to make a turn

The struggle is real for a truck driver who got his trailer caught up on a business's awning while trying to make a turn.

VIDEO: Big rig driver loses control on icy road

This truck driver's dash cam video is a good reminder of how quickly an icy road can ruin your day.

VIDEO: Truck driver helps pickup driver who spun out on highway

A trucker's dash cam captures his good deed after a pickup driver hauling a trailer fishtails and loses control.

VIDEO: Trucker dodges wrong-way semi

A trucker's dash cam captures the stuff of nightmares -- a wrong way semi barreling straight towards the cammer on a darkened highway.

VIDEO: Let a pro show you how backing up a semi is really done

A clearly professional driver shows everyone how backing up a semi truck is really done in this impressive, backwards video.  Shared to the CDLLife App by app member Donell...

Trucker’s dash cam captures the moment his windshield is shattered by a brick

A truck driver shared terrifying video of encountering a roadway obstruction shortly before a flying brick shattered his windshield.
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