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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Trucker thwarts man's 'suicide by truck' attempt

Trucker thwarts man’s ‘suicide by truck’ attempt

A truck driver's last second swerve saved the life of a man who was reportedly attempting suicide in this incident captured on dash cam.
Bad Move Over

Questionable ‘move over’ leads to serious rear end semi truck collision

A sewage tanker truck driver's unexpected swerve for an emergency vehicle leaves other truck drivers with little time to react in this truck crash caught on camera.
Drone Move Over

Police use drone to show how serious they are about ‘move over’ enforcement

An Illinois sheriff has shared unique drone footage showing just how quickly and efficiently they are pulling over drivers who fail to move over for emergency vehicles. On Monday,...
Trailer Door

Video provides truck drivers with sobering reminder about trailer door safety

A surveillance video clip that recently went viral highlights just how important it is for truck drivers to open their trailer doors safely -- especially in windy situations.
Cop Nudge

Cop gives stuck truck a helpful push

A Minnesota woman's video of police giving a snow- stuck trucker a much-needed nudge has gone viral.
Trooper Takes A Tumble

Trooper directing traffic gets bullied by brutal wind

A Minnesota State Patrol trooper attempting to direct traffic around a jackknifed semi truck fights a losing battle against high wind and ice in a dash cam video clip.

Trucker safely pulls over to shoulder with car on his grill

A car driver gets taken for a wild ride down Highway 403 in Canada.
Vicious high winds vanquish a semi truck

Storm Chaser captures semi truck being manhandled by strong winds

A storm chaser in Texas captured dramatic footage of a semi truck that succumbed to high wind gusts.
Truck In The Ditch

Truck driver filmed swerving across interstate before slamming into ditch

A motorist captured disturbing cell phone video of an out of control truck driver whose dangerous driving eventually landed him in a wooded ditch.

Semi truck picks a fight with infamous can-opener bridge — and loses

A North Carolina bridge famous for being hit by trucks claimed another victim this week.
Trucker's last second save prevents possibly catastrophic pileup

Trucker’s last second save prevents possibly catastrophic pileup

In this dash cam footage, a truck driver makes a split-second decision to avoid what could have been a major pileup crash.
Milk Tanker Aftermath

Milk tanker truck driver takes a nose dive off bridge

Texas police say that a truck driver will be facing charges after he allegedly fell asleep and drove off of an interstate overpass, falling hard onto the roadway below.
Kids come out to cheer for truckers hauling relief supplies

Kids come out to cheer for truckers hauling relief supplies

A Facebook user has shared heartwarming video of a group of children who came out to cheer on a convoy of truckers hauling donated hay to flood stricken farmers in Nebraska.
NY Idling

New law lets locals earn money by tattling on idling commercial vehicles

A new video from Vice News shows how New York residents can earn thousands of dollars by telling city officials about idling trucks and busses.
Left Lane

Trooper teaches drivers what the left lane is actually for

A Colorado State Trooper's much-needed video lesson on how to actually use the left lane properly has gone viral. 

Presidential candidate does ride-along with trucker

A Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 election is trying to raise awareness about the potential problems that job automation could bring by riding along with a truck driver.

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