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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Vegan Protester

Livestock hauler refuses to stop for vegan protester blocking road

A vegan protester says that she was injured after a very close encounter with a semi truck driver hauling livestock.
Semi Vs. SUV Road Rage

Semi truck swerves at SUV in incident caught on camera

A truck driver appears to threaten a car driver by swerving into the car's lane and nearly sideswiping the vehicle.
SUV Sandwich

Truck and bus make SUV sandwich in jaw-dropping dash cam video

A motorist captured a frightening multi-vehicle crash on dash cam this week.
Grapevine Runaway

Trucker takes Grapevine runaway ramp in dash cam video

A truck driver is forced to use a runaway truck ramp in this dash cam clip.

Check out this walking floor trailer in action

If you've never had a chance to see a walking floor trailer in action, this video is the next best thing

Trucker waiting outside paper mill captures massive explosion on video

A huge explosion that occurred at a Maine paper mill on Wednesday was caught on camera by a truck driver.

Tailgating car driver learns why you don’t camp in a trucker’s blind spot

A Buick driver gets himself into a tight spot, tailgating one truck and then getting PIT Maneuvered by another. 

Truck driver has a creative solution for a low bridge

You've got to see it to believe it -- watch how this truck driver maneuvers his vehicle under a bridge!

This trucker’s wild driving maneuver saved a devastating crash

In this remarkable dash cam footage, a trucker makes an extreme evasive maneuver to avoid a serious crash.

VIDEO: Trailer breaks away from pickup, goes on solo mission into woods

A dash cammer captured a moment of highway chaos that occurred when a pickup truck lost its trailer.

VIDEO: Truck driver forges his own path to avoid traffic jam

A truck driver says not just "no" but "heck no" to getting stuck in slowed traffic in this dash cam clip.

Firefighters rescue truck driver dangling from 70 foot bridge in stunning video

Recently released video features a nerve-wracking rescue that came after a truck driver partially crashed off a Virginia bridge earlier this year.

VIDEO: Catastrophic minivan vs. truck crash shows ‘the protective hand of God’

A Christian music singer shared startling video of the aftermath of a devastating crash that a man walked from without a scratch.

Watch a trucker lose control and jackknife on an icy Texas roadway

A serious jackknife crash was recently caught on dash cam in Texas.
Burn some rubber with this big rig drag race ride along video

Burn some rubber with this big rig drag race ride along video

We know that you've seen big rig drag races before -- but have you ever been inside the cab for one of these awesome spectacles of diesel power?

Trucker stunned by rookie driver’s fuel pump struggles

A trucker films his experience as he tries to help a newer driver struggling at the truck stop.
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