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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

Lexus Stop Sign Runner

Lexus driver ignores stop sign, turns trucker’s normal day into nightmare in dash cam...

A truck driver's workday takes a terrifying turn when a car driver runs a stop sign and sends his truck barreling off the road.

Wisconsin troopers share dash cam from pileup that killed four, injured seven

Wisconsin troopers shared a trucker's dash cam video from a serious pileup crash that killed and injured multiple people last week.

VIDEO: Motorist narrowly escapes T-boning from red-light-running truck driver

A motorist’s dash cam captured the near-collision between a car and a semi truck at an intersection in Canada recently.  The video was shot just before 3:30 p.m. on...

Crazy car hauler crash caught on trucker dash cam

A trucker was lucky that his dash cam was rolling when he was struck by an out of control pickup hauling a trailer loaded up with cars.

Truck driver mangles his trailer in jaw-dropping video

People passing by film as a truck driver who appears to be stuck on a post destroys his trailer and spills his cargo.
Troopers share trucker's eye view of motorist's mad move

Troopers share trucker’s eye view of motorist’s mad move

Oklahoma troopers shared a trucker's dash cam video that showcases a car driver's clueless attempt to turn onto a highway.

Red light truck race turns up a surprising winner

Two drivers put their trucks to the test in an impromptu race caught on camera.

These pickups towing a single wide is the wildest thing you’ll see on the...

A pickup truck driver and his buddies attempt a little DIY heavy haul in Oklahoma -- and it doesn't go very well.
Cable Barrier

Cable barrier to the rescue in gut-churning dash cam video

A truck driver shared dash cam video of a terrifying close call on a Wyoming highway.

VIDEO: Red convertible running out of roadway gets schooled by pink semi

A truck driver's dash cam caught a collision that occurred as a car driver tried to sneak in front of the semi.

Wind picks up truck and tips it over

A driver used his cell phone to record strong winds picking up his truck and tipping it over. The incident occurred this week in South Africa where "strong...

Truckers use horns to sound ‘Mayday’ message — S.O.S. — in D.C.

Truckers across the country are taking part in "Mayday" protest activities intended to raise public awareness about issues like low rates and unfair broker practices.

‘I saved his life’ trucker says after pickup brake checks caught on dash cam

A trucker's dash cam was rolling when a reckless pickup truck driver decided to make some trouble on the highway.

Car veers into semi, causes wiggle wagon wipeout

A semi truck driver does a remarkable job of minimizing the damage after a car suddenly swerves at him on a Georgia interstate, causing a major crash. The video...

Flatbedder makes his own off ramp in wild ride caught on security cameras

Gripping video shared on social media shows a truck leaving the roadway and traveling down a steep embankment before crashing.

Forklift fail caught on dash cam

A driver's dash cam was rolling to catch an unusual incident involving a forklift at an intersection.
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