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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]


Rock Chart Toppers | Shinedown “Bully”

Jacksonville, Florida's Shinedown have a lock on the rock charts this year. Their new single "Bully" will please fans of big guitars and choruses.
Bad Day At The Beachvideo

VIDEO: Trucking Fails: A Bad Day At The Beach

Think you've had a bad day? This driver had no idea that parking his rig on the beach would have disastrous consequences.
Smart Car Crash Testvideo

VIDEO: Smart Car Crash Tests: How Much Can They Take?

We see Smart Cars on the street and some of us question the "smarts" of the driver behind the wheel, but you might be surprised at the outcome of these Smart Car crash tests.
Pete Petersonvideo

Trucker Stories: Pete Peterson Talks About A Lifetime of Trucking

Trucker Stories: Pete Peterson talks about his life as a truck driver. He retired at 78 years old and has some interesting things to say about the trucking industry.
Chris Young Youvideo

Country Chart Toppers | Chris Young “You”

Get a look and listen at country music star Chris Young, and his retro throwback to the Full Service era. Video for "You."
Truckin Old Schoolvideo

VIDEO: The History Of Trucking

Have a look at some trucking history photos that help show today's truck drivers how it used to be in the classic days of driving.
Peterbilt 587video

Peterbilt 587: A Big Winner At The ATD Competition

The new Peterbilt 587 heavy duty tractor impressed a lot of industry leaders this week in Las Vegas.

VIDEO: Chevelle “Face To The Floor” Rock Chart Toppers

Watch the new video from heavy rock chart toppers Chevelle. It's called "Face To the Floor."
Worlds Fastest Carsvideo

VIDEO: Wrecking The World’s Fastest Cars

Here's a great way to boost the economy!
Top Gear Toyota Demolitionvideo

VIDEO: Top Gear Attempts To Destroy A Toyota Pickup

The boys at Top Gear are at it again as they attempt to destroy a Toyota diesel truck. Will they succeed?
TyStone Country Musicvideo

Country Chart Toppers: Ty Stone “Anywhere Better”

See the new video from up and coming country songwriter Ty Stone.
Guy On A Buffalovideo

VIDEO: Guy On A Buffalo

Some clever people have made a new internet sensation out of a long-forgotten frontier movie. See both.
Eric Churchvideo

Country Chart Toppers – Eric Church “Drink In My Hand”

Get a look and listen at one of this week's CMT Country music video heroes - Eric Church. It's a video of his second hit from the album Chief, titled "Drink In My Hand."
Trip Pak Scanner Tutorial

TripPak Scanner: Video How-To for Truck Drivers

Here's a how-to video for truckers thinking of purchasing the TripPak portable document scanner. What's in the box, software setup and daily use is covered.

VIDEO: Human Flying Squirrel Impacts Mountain At 90 MPH

During a dangerous drop from a mountain top, base jumper Jeb Corliss was blown off course and broke both legs, impacting a mountain ridge at nearly 90 miles per hour. See the video.

Insanely Dangerous Dancing Romanian Driver Posts Antics on YouTube, Now Sought by Police.

We've posted this video in the past, but now, with the viral ability of the internet, this driver is being sought by European police!
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