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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]


VIDEO: Volvo’s Pink Lady

A Volvo driver and transportation business owner shows us her custom semi truck she calls The Pink Lady.
Man Shoots Gunvideo

Man Fires Shotgun: What Happens Next?

First uploaded in 2008, this classic clip was also featured on the Jay Leno show. 12-Gauge fun!
Motorcycle Stuntsvideo

VIDEO: Motorcycle Stunts 63% Successful

We know a lot of truckers love their motorcycles on their days off (Days off? What's that?). We also know that, no matter how many times we say "Don't try this at home," we're willing to be that some of you have, right?
Lightening Strikes Big Rigvideo

VIDEO: Lightning Strikes Truck On The Highway

Not sure what that feels like from the cab of a truck, but the driver had to know something happened, right?!
Mother Truckersvideo

VIDEO: Meet the Mother Truckers

They're mothers, wives, sisters and daughters but they're also professional truck drivers. Meet the Mother Truckers.
Video: Super Semi Truck Stunt Drivingvideo

VIDEO: Super Semi Truck Stunt Driving

Watch an incredible stunt truck driving sequence where a driver pulling a full-length payload drifts, then stops on a dime.
Relapse Recordsvideo

VIDEO: Rock Chart Toppers | Red Fang “Wires”

How much mayhem can you create for only $6000? Porland, Oregon's Red Fang will show you in their video for "Wires."
Keith Urbanvideo

Country Chart Toppers | Keith Urban “You Gonna Fly”

Get a look at Keith Urban's latest hit video for "You Gonna Fly." He really has that stadium rocking!

Thrilling Jumps of Dock Dogs

Get a look at some of the incredible athletes in the Splashdog Long Jump League, coming to a pet show near you!
Truck Stunt Showvideo

VIDEO: Semi Truck Stunts

Truck drivers who perform stunts in their Class 8 semi trucks and custom rigs do a lot of movie work.
Australian Big Rigvideo

VIDEO: Australia Allows BIG RIGS

Considering the recent talk in the Surface Transportation Bill in America, watching these big rigs cruise around on Australia's highways looks ludicrous. Are they safe?
Bus Racevideo

Video: Semi Truck vs. School Bus – Who Wins?

A custom school bus racer vs. a semi truck drag racer. Who wins?
Big Jumpvideo

VIDEO: Semi Truck Big Jump

What does the world record semi truck jump look like? Find out here...
February 17th Trucking Newsvideo

Trucking News Central – Feb. 17th Broadcast

Our Trucking News Central broadcast for Feb. 17th. Our host, Shirley Norris covers important topics surrounding trucking and transportation.
Cannonball Runvideo

Trucking In the 70s – Cannonball Run

Have a look at the big romp from the 70s that blended big cars, high speed and bombshells.
Big Rig BBQvideo

Big Rig Barbecue: Top Gear Sets Off A Trailer Full Of Fireworks

The first episode of Top Gear, Season 2 has cast and crew lighting up the landscape by setting fire to a trailer full of fireworks while driving down the highway!
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