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Everyone loves a good video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of videos that are geared towards the trucking industry. Do you have video that you want to submit? If so contact us at [email protected]

VIDEO: Trucker helps out cop (and himself)

In this dash cam clip, a truck driver gets out to help a police officer with a disabled vehicle to get the road clear for himself and other vehicles.

VIDEO: Snowed-in flatbedder gets a tow from a surprisingly helpful pickup

A snowed-in flatbed truck got a helping hand from a pickup in this surprising clip.  With all the snowstorms this week, it’s not surprising some drivers got snowed in...

VIDEO: Police ask drivers to move over after semi nearly takes out squad car

The Galesburg, Illinois, Police Department has shared dash cam video of a close call with a semi truck to try to persuade drivers to move over for emergency vehicles.

WATCH: Wildly impressive backing job

A European truck driver recently took to reddit to share their highly impressive back-in job, and it may just be a testament to the usefulness of cabovers.  “Had to...

WATCH: Oblivious dump truck driver nearly drags utility pole into oncoming car

An apparently oblivious dump truck driver nearly pulled a downed utility pole right through an oncoming car in this odd video.  The incident occurred on Wednesday, March 24th in...
Local Farmer Helps Oversized Load Driver

Watch a local farmer give an oversized load driver a little help up a...

An Ohio farmer with a tractor gives a trucker hauling an oversized load a little helping hand up a hill in this heartwarming video clip.
Barely avoids pileup

Trucker *barely* avoids pileup by taking the shoulder

A semi truck driver is caught on camera taking evasive action to avoid what could have been a very serious pileup crash.
Dangerous Pass

Trucker Has Seconds To React To High-Risk Pass In Dash Cam Video

A semi truck driver's dash cam captured a fellow driver's dangerous driving maneuver that could have easily turned into a deadly crash.

Semi truck wallops large moose in dash cam clip

CDLLife reader Dennis Schiller recently sent in an unreal dash cam clip featuring a semi truck vs. moose collision.
Black Ice

Dash cam clip shows how fast black ice can ruin your day

A truck driver encounters a surprise patch of black ice in this dash cam video.
Black Ice

Black ice sends semi barreling into oncoming traffic

A trucker's dash cam captures the moment that he loses control on an icy road, crosses the median, and nearly hits another semi truck head on.
Median Crash

Trucker dodges multi-vehicle crash that crosses median

A truck driver's dash cam is rolling as a sudden and violent crash crosses though the highway medan and forces evasive action.

Sheriff rescues stuck truck on Teton Pass in wild video

Sheriff rescues stuck truck on Teton Pass in wild video

Troopers share video of 613,000 pound truck making a perfect 90 degree turn

The Nebraska State Patrol recently shared video of a massive oversized load haul as a testament to the skill of the truck driver and team who made it happen.

Virtual Staycation: Iowa 80 Trucking Museum

These days, getting out of the house can be tricky, and summer vacations can be ever trickier. So, if you’re stuck at home or on the truck and you’ve already binged your...

Dash cam puts you behind the wheel of a truck blown over by a...

The Florida Highway Patrol shared dash cam video captured inside of a box truck that was blown over during a possible tornado.
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