Hurricane Express
"If you're looking for a specific hiring qualification for a driver, and you're trying to hone in to improve your safety, improve your hiring process, look at CDLLife."
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Hurricane Express has been working with us at CDLLife for a little over two years. They came to us wanting to run a campaign focused around their lease purchase program. We started with a small budget and the understanding that they were wanting us to get the best bang possible for their buck as they were just starting to get their new recruiting process off the ground.

As we dove in and started to do our research about their company, we realized that they had outstanding equipment, and that they give their drivers the opportunity to customize their trucks. Really thinking outside the box and giving their employees a feeling of ownership. We recognized this as being a really unique advertising opportunity, and Hurricane trusted us to focus their campaigns around that.

We saw outstanding results right off the bat, and were getting cost per leads as low as four dollars – which is outstanding for lease purchase drivers. Our team strives to be a strategic partner, to find and highlight the thing that makes a company shine, makes a difference in the life of the driver, and converts leads to hires.

"Spot on. Spot on for the industry. Spot on for a trucking company."
Sean Allen
Director of Company Growth
Hurricane Express
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