"You guys have the best product in the industry by far."
decrease in overal cost per lead
qualified leads generated
of their advertising budget is strategized with CDLLife

Robert Bearden, Inc. has been trusting CDLLife with their advertising budget for 6 months. They started with a test budget, and quickly doubled their spend after realizing that CDLLife was outperforming many of their other vendors. – Today, we handle all of their advertising budget.

We’ve taken a strategic approach to showcasing the best aspects of their jobs whether they be local, regional positions or dedicated lanes. – We work closely with their team to hone in on their specific needs. If we need to focus in a spefic geographic area for them due to a shift in the needs of their business, they let us know right away and we implement those changes immediately.

Like many of our clients, Robert Bearden Inc.’s willingness to collaborate has been instrumental in driving high-intent applicants, and generating results when and where they’re needed.

“Before we starting using CDLLife, we were using 3 different sites and spending $49 per lead. Then when we started using you and one other advertising source it went to $25 a lead. Today using only CDLLife, our cost per lead is $7.06! – You guys have the best product in the industry by far. From April answering the phone every time I call to working your tail off to get a job up and running as fast as you can, even when I call at 4:30 on a Friday. Any question I have you don’t have to search for the answer or give me line of bull crap you know the answer. – Thanks for all you do for RBI and my family.”
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