A&S Acquires Kinard Trucking

A&S Acquires Kinard Trucking

A&S Acquires Kinard TruckingA&S announced it has acquired the assets of Kinard Trucking and its affiliates.

A&S President Ken Buck said, “We are excited to add Kinard to our leading short-haul trucking, warehousing and logistics business serving the extended Mid-Atlantic region. A&S and Kinard are a natural fit, with similar values and cultures. Our focus on high-quality, best-in-class customer service will be boosted by enlarging our addressable market and enhancing our presence and strength.”

Both of the two environmentally like-minded companies have a team of talented, experienced drivers, use high tech fleet management software and utilize state-of-the-art trucks that adhere to all EPA and FMCSA standards.

With the additional assets and increased workload, A&S says it is seeking to add new drivers to its fleet.

“We are growing aggressively in the Mid-Atlantic region, looking for additional acquisitions and recruiting to add to our professional driving staff. Experienced drivers should visit our website to apply,” Buck said.