Laws & Regulations

New concealed carry bill would make it easier for truckers to...

A newly introduced bill seeks to simply the confusing patchwork of state conceal and carry reciprocity laws, which would make it easier for professional truck drivers to legally defend themselves as they drive cross country. 

Lawmakers plan to put cameras on backroads to catch truckers who...

As Virginia lawmakers push forward with legislation to toll drivers on I-81, they are also concocting a plan to monitor and punish those drivers who try to avoid the toll roads.


Truck driver picks the worst spot to u-turn

A truck driver trying to make a super tight U-turn manages to hit the only vehicle in the parking lot -- amongst other things -- in this painful-to-watch security footage.


Top 5 Best Semi Truck Refrigerators for Long Haul Truckers

Whether you are in the market for your first fridge to put into your semi truck, or your company truck’s fridge is in need...

These Are the Top 5 Best CB Radios for Truckers

We did the research for you.


Celadon sells flatbed division to PS Logistics

Celadon investors agree to $5.5 million settlement in class action suit

A group of Celadon Group Inc. investors have agreed to a $5.5 million settlement in a class action suit against the trucking company as it faces government investigations over financial reporting discrepancies.
7 easy tips for saving money when you eat out

7 easy tips for saving money when you eat out

Most truck drivers eat out A LOT -- and the cost of all of those dinners can really start to add up over time. That's why we thought we'd bring you a few tips to help you keep your restaurant meal budget under control. 
Ten arrested in undercover prostitution sting at Washington truck stop

VIDEO: The “driver shortage” explained as a driver turnover, pay problem

Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association President Todd Spencer appeared on Fox Business to set the record straight about the American "truck driver shortage."



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