Laws & Regulations

State to use cameras to catch work zone speeders

Transportation authorities in Pennsylvania will start using camera technology to automatically detect and ticket drivers who speed in work zones.

Police use drone to show how serious they are about ‘move...

An Illinois sheriff has shared unique drone footage showing just how quickly and efficiently they are pulling over drivers who fail to...


Questionable ‘move over’ leads to serious rear end semi truck collision

A sewage tanker truck driver's unexpected swerve for an emergency vehicle leaves other truck drivers with little time to react in this truck crash caught on camera.


Top 5 Best Semi Truck Refrigerators for Long Haul Truckers

Whether you are in the market for your first fridge to put into your semi truck, or your company truck’s fridge is in need...

These Are the Top 5 Best CB Radios for Truckers

We did the research for you.


Rhode Island Truck Tolls

Federal judge delivers serious setback in fight against truck-only tolls

This week, a federal judge dismissed a trucking industry lawsuit meant to push back against Rhode Island's controversial truck-only tolling program.
7 easy tips for saving money when you eat out

7 easy tips for saving money when you eat out

Most truck drivers eat out A LOT -- and the cost of all of those dinners can really start to add up over time. That's why we thought we'd bring you a few tips to help you keep your restaurant meal budget under control. 
Ten arrested in undercover prostitution sting at Washington truck stop

VIDEO: The “driver shortage” explained as a driver turnover, pay problem

Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association President Todd Spencer appeared on Fox Business to set the record straight about the American "truck driver shortage."



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