Two women arrested for robbing sleeping trucker

Nebraska police arrested two women in connection with the robbery of a sleeping trucker.

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Watch as this trucker offers an aggressive motorcyclist an incredible amount of compassion and patience after it’s clear he doesn't understand truck blind spots.  In this video, a motorcyclist with a GoPro camera is sitting at a...

Four teens fatally struck by semi truck after running stop sign, says Wisconsin sheriff

Wisconsin police are investigating a multiple fatality collision involving a pickup and a semi truck that occurred early Monday morning.

Semi trucks behaving badly ends in serious fender bender for all

Several semi trucks were filmed behaving badly in this dash cam clip that ends in a serious fender bender for all involved.  In the clip, a lime green semi truck is trying to pass at least two...


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New commercial vehicle inspection station opens on I-495

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) recently opened a new commercial vehicle inspection station along I-495.

Felony charge dropped after dash cam shows Texas cop injuring himself instead of getting hit by a car

A motorist avoided a felony charge related to striking a Texas police officer with a car after dash cam video showed what really happened.

Watch a group of people try to help a driver in an overturned rig

An entire group of people rushed to help a driver in an overturned semi truck after a wreck in Georgia on Thursday.  The accident happened...

Pennsylvania troopers to disguise themselves as road workers for traffic blitz

This week, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) announced a sneaky traffic enforcement detail to take place in work zones.

Trucker rescues flooded teen while heading to wife’s hospice leave

Trucker rescues flooded teen on his last shift before taking several weeks off for wife’s hospice care.  62-year-old trucker, Tom Melillo, was on a regular...

One dead, one hurt, in shooting at Tennessee truck stop

The Memphis Police Department (MPD) is investigating a fatal late night shooting at a truck stop.

Trucker mailed rattlesnake under mysterious circumstances

A truck driver in Southern California was mailed a rattlesnake in what he calls an “attempted murder” earlier this month.  60-year-old truck driver Elijah Bowles...

Tennessee and Georgia cops bring their marked patrol big rigs to safety event

Tennessee and Georgia cops showed off their marked patrol big rigs at a rest area safety event this week.
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Dozen migrants found hiding under blanket in sleeper

Twelve migrants were found hiding under a blanket on the trucker’s mattress and one more was found inside of a storage cabinet at the...

I-95 in Philadelphia fully reopens one year after catastrophic tanker fire, collapse

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is celebrating the reopening of a section of I-95 in Philadelphia that suffered a catastrophic collapse due to a tanker truck crash and fire.

Semi truck stopped on I-5 to corral chickens escaping from trailer

A semi truck stopped on Interstate 5 in Seattle on Thursday morning to corral some chickens escaping from an apparent hole in the trailer.  The...