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Discovery of Schultz’s body “doesn’t add up,” says wife


The discovery of Schultz’s body, a trucker who went missing in the fall of last year, just “doesn’t add up,” says his widow. 

Truck driver David Schultz’s body was found in a field on Wednesday afternoon after months of extensive searching in the area near where his semi truck was found, still loaded and with his belongings inside. Now that he has been found, his widow says that she is overcome with grief, relief, and some suspicion. 

After identifying Schultz via the boots he was wearing when he was found, widow Sarah Shultz says that something isn’t quite right about the discovery of Schultz’s body, reported The Washington Times.

“I’m glad we know where he is now,” Sarah said at a news conference regarding the discovery of Schultz’s body. “There’s still a lot of questions. Things don’t make sense. But we have him now. I did have to break it to the kids yesterday. They still held out hope.”

“I had a feeling he would be found for some reason when the farmers were getting their fields ready,” she continued. 

“I can’t think of any reason why he would have walked a mile and a half out into the middle of a field and laid down and taken his coat off. And shut his truck off. … Things don’t add up, don’t line up. I suspect foul play,” Sarah Shultz concluded in regards to the discovery of Schultz’s body.

Schultz was 53-years-old with two kids at the time of his disappearance. Prior to his disappearance, Schultz allegedly began suffering from stress, and even told his wife that he “can’t take this,” in regards to his job. 

The body has been sent out for autopsy. A cause of death has yet to be determined.


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