Dash cam captures a major merge battle involving a truck driver and a motorist who just won't take "no" for an answer.
Drug smugglers hauling limes attempted to conceal $3 million worth of cocaine by wrapping the packages in photos of limes.  The drugs were found on Thursday, February 22nd inside a semi truck trying to pass through the...

VIDEO: Dump bed violently torn from truck during bridge strike in Dayton

Video captured on Wednesday shows a dump truck bridge strike in Dayton, Ohio. The video was captured around 9:20 a.m. on February 21 on...

Trucker says lack of parking, tolls, and crime are the real reasons why he won’t go to New York City

Amid widespread concern over a trucker boycott of New York City, a truck driver offers a different perspective on why drivers might avoid pickups and deliveries there.

VIDEO: Trucker gets stranded on a washed out dirt road

In this video, a trucker gets stranded on a washed out dirt road near a reservoir.

Truck driver barely squeaks by moving train 

A truck driver hauling doubles barely squeaks by a moving train in this video.  In the dash cam clip filmed from the perspective of a...

VIDEO: Heavy haulers move massive historic train station house

A heavy haul team successfully moved a massive historic train station building to a new location in Hope, B.C.

VIDEO: Truck driver makes a save after striking a car in his blind spot while changing lanes

Dash cam video captured a crash that occurred as a truck driver passed and struck a car in his blind spot while changing lanes.

VIDEO: Pickup driver learns exactly why you shouldn’t crowd snowplows

A pickup driver learned a tough lesson on safe driving around snowplows this week. County officials released dash cam video captured by a snowplow...

Family brings hot meals to truckers at Montana truck stop in honor of fallen driver

Family members offered a home-cooked meal to truckers passing through a Montana truck stop as a way to remember a truck driver who passed away.

Watch a guy get banned from Buc-ee’s for bringing an emotional support duck inside the store

An emotional support duck and its owner recently ran afoul of store management and wound up getting banned from Buc-ee's stores.

Video dives deep into the iconic Kenworth trucks featured in ‘B.J. and the Bear’

This entertaining video takes a deep dive into the iconic Kenworth trucks featured in the classic trucking tv series 'B.J. and the Bear.'

Dash cam catches big rig running a car off the road with a dangerous pass

Dash cam video shared by police this week shows a big rig running a car off the road while making an ill-advised pass.

Small jet crash captured by trucker’s dash cam

A trucker’s dash cam captured a small, deadly jet crash onto Interstate 75 outside of an airport in Florida late last week.  The video was...

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