Dash cam catches airborne SUV flying across Michigan interstate

Wild dash cam video captured the moment that an airborne SUV flew across a Michigan interstate.

Car hauler would rather be forced off the road than hit the brakes?

A car hauler would apparently rather go completely off road than yield to another aggressive driver in this shocking dash cam video.  In the clip,...

Video shows stolen big rig ramming Oregon police cruisers

A bystander captured startling video of a stolen semi truck ramming police cruisers during a pursuit that occurred on Monday in Washington.

VIDEO: SUV driver ‘paid the price’ for trying to force in front of a semi truck

An SUV driver is caught on dash cam getting a dose of instant karma for their ill-advised attempt to force their way in front of a semi truck as their lane ends.

Dramatic video shows big rig veering off shoulder, rolling over

A motorist recently captured a terrifying big rig rollover crash.

Video shows migrants moving into parked dry van trailer in NYC

A video filmed in a New York City neighborhood shows a family of migrants taking up residence in a parked dry van trailer.  In the...

Body cam shows Texas trucker arrested for smuggling 19 people in sleeper berth

A Texas trucker was arrested this week after 19 people were discovered in the sleeper berth of his Peterbilt during a traffic stop, police say.

Video shows California cop car go airborne after T-bone

Dash cam video captured in California last month shows a sheriff's patrol car involved in a dramatic T-bone crash in a busy intersection.

Biker gets beamed in the head while riding next to flatbed

A biker gets beamed in the head while riding alongside a flatbed trailer in this surprising video.  In the clip, a biker is recording himself...

Trucker’s dash cam catches Camaro driver’s wildly dangerous merge and cutoff maneuver

A trucker's dash cam was rolling to catch a supremely risky driving maneuver on an Idaho interstate.

These drivers should sue for such a horrible merge setup

An absolutely horrible merge setup is caught on the dash cam of a driver that ended up in a clearly well-traveled median.  The video opens...

Traffic cam catches big rig crashing off Tennessee interstate into creek

Traffic cameras were rolling to catch the moment that a semi truck veered off a Tennessee interstate into a creek over the weekend.

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