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Impressive video of a Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) trooper clearing a hale bale from the road went viral this week.
A truck driver was rescued on Friday after crashing partially off of a bridge in Louisville, Kentucky.

FMCSA to study how detention time impacts truck driver safety

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is kicking off a new study to determine how detention time impacts truck driver safety.

Railroad company BNSF to pay truckers $75 million for collecting their fingerprints without consent

Railroad company BNSF has agreed to pay tens of millions of dollars to settle a class-action suit that accused the company of violating Illinois privacy laws by collecting truck driver fingerprints without obtaining proper consent.

Trucking company used earpieces to help CDL test takers cheat

A trucking company in Illinois used earpieces to help CDL test takers cheat in exchange for money, new court documents reveal.  Mykola Datkun, the owner...

Major CMV blitz coming to Arizona interstates next week

Law enforcement will be taking part in a major CMV blitz in southern Arizona next week.

Incorrect use of ‘semi truck’ in parking ordinance may force county to pay resident truckers 

The incorrect use of ‘semi truck’ in a parking ordinance may force a Florida county to pay truckers living in an area currently debating...

Smart watch authorized by FDA to detect signs of sleep apnea

A popular smart watch manufacturer announced that its sleep apnea detection feature has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

State troopers enforcing winter weather big rig travel bans

Troopers in Rhode Island and other states are patrolling to enforce Tuesday's winter weather big rig travel bans.

Iowa State Patrol stops trailer for ‘obvious structural concerns’

The Iowa State Patrol Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit (ISPCMVU) is reminding truckers to vent their trailers after spotting a tanker with damage while on patrol.

Idling a semi truck for five minutes could cost you $1000 under new bill in Washington State

Washington State lawmakers are considering a bill that would fine truckers hundreds of dollars for idling a semi truck for five minutes or more.

Truck driver wins $12M when trucking company doesn’t respond to lawsuit

Truck driver wins $12M when accused trucking company fails to respond to lawsuit.  The Coffee County, Alabama truck driver was awarded the $12 million settlement...

Bill forbids federal agency from halting ‘lawful commerce’ by closing ports of entry

A bill introduced by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz would stop federal agencies from closing ports of entry in order to process people attempting to cross U.S./Mexico border.

One-armed trucker struggles to get recertified after his doctor retires

A one-armed trucker says that the retirement of his long-time physician has prevented him from getting the evaluation he needs to maintain his CDL...

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