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Stay up up to date on the latest laws & regulations that impact the trucking industry. Know your rights by staying informed on the issues and by being involved with our community of drivers.

Truckers need more training to prevent bridge strikes, says BC Trucking president

Every time a tractor trailer hits an overpass, it leaves us scratching our heads. Why does this keep happening? After a recent bridge strike, which occurred June 12, 2018, Dave Earle, president and CEO of...
More then 30 organizations unite to oppose ELD Mandate

New bill to delay ELD enforcement, reform HOS and ELD regulations

Yesterday two lawmakers introduced new legislation that would put the brakes on Electronic Logging Device (ELD) enforcement while reforms are made to both Hours of Service (HOS) regulations and ELD regulations, particularly for agricultural haulers.

Missouri passes law forbidding unsafe roadside inspections

Missouri lawmakers recently passed new legislation containing a provision that would prevent law enforcement officers from performing roadside commercial vehicle inspections under some circumstances.

Rhode Island put 21% of inspected truckers out of service during Roadcheck

The Rhode Island State Police have released their results from last week's CVSA Roadcheck 2018 inspection blitz.

West Virginia police write over 1000 tickets to truckers who ignore I-77 detour

West Virginia police say that they have written hundreds of citations to truck drivers who have ignored the detour on I-77 near the Virginia/West Virginia border.
Rhode Island to begin truck-only tolls on June 11

Rhode Island to begin truck-only tolls on June 11

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) announced that they will begin their controversial truck-only tolling program in the southern part of the state in less than a week. Starting on Monday, June 11, Rhode...

Indiana trooper shares helpful video on load securement

The Indiana State Police's Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division's Trooper Brent Hoover has shared a video to give truckers some helpful tips on load securement.
FMCSA adds "flexibility" to personal conveyance provision

FMCSA adds “flexibility” to personal conveyance provision

Today the FMCSA issued clarification on regulations involving the personal conveyance provision for CMV drivers.
Roadcheck 2018

First Roadcheck of the ELD era could cause supply chain disruptions, say experts

With the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Roadcheck less than a week away, some industry experts are warning that the first ever inspection blitz conducted during the ELD era could result in shipping delays and truck capacity problems.
New bill would exempt small carriers, ag haulers, from ELD regulations

New bills would exempt small carriers, ag haulers, from ELD regulations

On Wednesday, lawmakers introduced two bills that would exempt smaller carriers and agricultural haulers from the FMCSA's ELD regulations.

Senators introduce bill to permanently ease HOS and ELD regulations for livestock haulers

On Wednesday, a Nebraska senator introduced a new bill that would ease "overly strict trucking" regulations for drivers hauling livestock.

Chicago suburb considers banning booting vehicles

The city of Hammond, Indiana, is considering an ordinance that would prevent private property owners from booting vehicles because of safety concerns -- and because of complaints from truck drivers.

Nebraska troopers put 40% of trucks out of service during surprise inspection

The Nebraska State Patrol sprung surprise inspections on truckers in the Lincoln area this week -- placing dozens of trucks and several drivers out of service.
Here's what you need to know for Hours of Service-focused Roadcheck 2018

Here’s what you need to know for Hours of Service-focused Roadcheck 2018

This is the first year of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)'s annual International Roadcheck inspection spree since the ELD Mandate went into effect -- are you ready?
Celadon Drivers

Thousands of Celadon drivers will be getting checks from $4.2 million settlement

A group of Celadon independent owner-operators will finally be getting checks from a 2013 class action suit that accused the trucking company of deceiving drivers and withholding too much money from their pay checks for fuel costs. 
I-77 Truck Detour

West Virginia police issuing “a lot” of tickets to truckers ignoring I-77 detour signs

Extra police officers have been assigned to patrol a new truck detour route along I-77 near the Virginia/West Virginia border after a large number of truck drivers were caught ignoring the signs.

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