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Trucker calls just to check if they’re serious about “this dumb a** load”


A trucker calls just to check if a potential client is serious after coming across a low-paying load on a load board app. 

In the video, the trucker is scanning the load board when he comes across a load to be picked up in Tampa, Florida and dropped off in Phoenix, Arizona for a whopping $3,200. 

The driver breaks down the costs of the trip, which would make him less than $1,000, and decides to call the number just to “see what they’re talking about ‘bout this dumba** load.”

His first call is answered by a man who clearly does not want to talk about it. The second call is answered by a woman who offers no humor about the situation and will not negotiate the price.

Listen to the audio in the video below. Good luck out there, drivers! 


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