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Cattle hauler & four-wheeler engage in left-turn standoff


A cattle hauler and a four wheeler engage in a left-turn standoff at an intersection in this dash cam video.

In the clip, a cattle hauler is attempting to make a tight left turn at an intersection somewhere in Texas when a four wheeler trying to turn right blocks his path. 

Instead of backing up to give the truck driver more room, the motorist tries to pull forward. The livestock hauler comes to a stop and waits patiently as the motorist tries to figure out what to do.

Eventually, the motorist pulls so far forward that they hop the curb, and the livestock hauler manages to inch forward without bumping the car, and both continue on their way. 

“Rate These Drivers,” the video caption reads. “Do you guys think this truck could get through this intersection without the trailer following into the van’s space?”

“Everyone gets an L. Trucker didn’t even try to button hook or start wide, and the van driver must be a Spartan because he refused to back up lol,” commented one. 

“All the mini van had to do was reverse a few feet instead of being an idiot and going forward and onto the curb,” a second wrote. 

“He could’ve swung it more,” added a third. 

Watch the video, below. 


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