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VIDEO: Cattle hauler bails after steer tire blows in stopped traffic


A cattle hauler bails out of his rig after a steer tire apparently blows in this alarming video, putting the trucker, the cattle, and a line of stopped traffic in harm’s way. 

In the video, another trucker is sitting in stopped traffic with his phone camera out when he notices a livestock trailer barreling up behind him in the side view mirror. The filming driver then hops out of his cab as the livestock hauler flies by on the shoulder, its driver door flapping in the wind and a steer tire missing. 

You can see a tire rolling by as the rig bumps along the rough shoulder and eventually overturns. The filming driver then runs up to the truck, presumably to check on the driver, but the video ends before we see if the driver is okay (or even still inside of the truck).

“If you watch it in slow motion, the driver side steer tire is gone and the driver door is open like they’re ready to bail or has already bailed. Good on the driver for not creating more carnage, hopefully they were ok,” wrote one viewer. 

“Looks to me like the cattle truck took to the shoulder to avoid colliding with the stopped traffic. Distracted driving?” questioned another. 

Watch the video of the scary incident, below. 


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