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Michigan lawmakers consider bill to ban big rigs from left lane


Michigan lawmakers are considering new legislation that would restrict big rigs from using the left lane.

Michigan State Rep. Will Bruck’s HB 5304 was recently approved by the House Transportation, Mobility and Infrastructure Committee and will now advance to the full House for further consideration by state lawmakers.

The bill would restrict trucks over over 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight from using the left lane on a three or more-lane freeway. It would also require trucks to stay in the right lane if freeway construction lane closures result in only two usable lanes.

The legislation would provide exemptions “for a reasonable distance before making a left turn, where a special hazard exists that requires the use of an alternative lane for safety reasons, or when posted in construction zones.”

Bruck says that the intention of the bill is to enhance traffic flow and safety on Michigan roads.

“With unanimous approval from the transportation committee, it’s clear that our plan is gaining traction,” Bruck said. “By making these simple changes, we can minimize congestion, make our expressways safer, and help drivers navigate our expressways with less frustration of gridlock.”

Last year, New Mexico passed similar legislation banning big rigs from using the left lane.


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