A lost dog story has a very happy ending thanks in part to "Facebook and the trucker community through CB and their community pages," according to an Oklahoma animal shelter.
An Iowa trucking company has partnered with NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Patrick Emerling for a race happening this weekend at the Iowa Speedway.

Oldest trucker holds Guinness World Record at 90-years-old

The world’s oldest trucker is still trucking at 90-years-old and says he has no plans to retire from his 60 years OTR.  Doyle Archer was...

850 murders linked to truckers in book by former FBI agent

A soon-to-be-published book by a former FBI agent details some of the 850 murders linked to truckers since the start of the Highway Serial...

Comedian shares hilarious take on Colorado’s runaway truck ramps

Comedian Ben Roy finds the funny in Colorado's runway truck ramps.

Successful horse jockey turned to trucking during his racing hiatus

A successful horse jockey turned to trucking during a hiatus from horse racing over the last two years.  Robert Alvarado Jr. achieved 2,798 wins before...

Wonder what NASCAR hauling is really like? This video breaks down a driver’s work day

The team at RFK Racing released a fascinating video proving that there's a lot more to working as a NASCAR hauler than just driving from the shop to the track and back.

Trucking influencer tells Fox News why he dropped out of college to drive big rigs

Popular trucking social media personality "Alex the Trucking Guy" was recently featured on Fox News to talk about how he's planning on retiring early.

Semi Chef

Cooking in the cab of a truck can be a challenge, but one member of the Facebook group Cooking in the Semi is not only making it look easy, but creating works of culinary art with his creations.

VIDEO: Ride along with a NASCAR hauler parking at Bristol Motor Speedway

In this video, a NASCAR hauler takes you along for the ride as he parks at "the most challenging track to get in and out of" -- Bristol Motor Speedway.

Hockey team claims cargo theft in California after someone stole a load of bobbleheads

An NHL hockey team will have some disappointed fans in the stands after a load of bobbleheads was stolen in California en route to Pittsburgh in a cargo theft incident.

‘Get In With Me (Trucker Remix)’ is the trucking song you need to hear right now

Trucking content creator Larry Cothran recently released an infectious rap single called 'Get In With Me (Trucker Remix)' that anyone in the trucking industry today will relate to right away.

Survey ranks state trooper uniforms from most to least ‘sexy’

A recent survey of thousands of Americans ranked U.S. state trooper uniforms from most to least 'sexy.'

Semi loaded with $4 million in Kardashian gummy vitamins stolen in Southern California, per report

A semi loaded with $4 million in Kardiashian wellness gummy vitamins was recently target by cargo thieves, according to TMZ.

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