Video explores the bizarre disappearance of trucker Devin Williams

A new video from a true crime content creator delves deep into how 29 year old trucker Devin Williams vanished in Arizona in 1995....

New song ‘Last Load To Heaven’ pays tribute to fallen truckers

This week, country artist Andy Pursell released a new track celebrating the truck drivers who give their all to life on the road.

Thirty-year veteran trucker writes open letter to car drivers: ‘Give us room!’

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) recently shared a letter penned by an experienced truck driver filled with useful advice for four wheelers on how to safely share the road with big rigs.

This ‘How Truckers Talk To New Truck Drivers’ video is SO funny because it’s SO true

If you've spent one single minute in the trucking industry, you will relate to -- and laugh at -- this video by trucking content creator Larry Cothran.

Buzzfeed is asking for the weirdest trucker stories – Think they can handle what real drivers have for them?

A popular website has put out a call for drivers and truck stop workers to share their weirdest trucker stories, and we’re not sure...

VIDEO: Jay Leno tries driving the Tesla Semi

Former late night talk show host Jay Leno gets behind the wheel of a Tesla Semi to test out the electric vehicle's drivability and in-cab comfort.

Retired trucker finally wins jackpot after playing lottery every day for “all those years”

A truck driver who played the lottery every day of his trucking career finally hit the jackpot after retiring from the industry.  “Pap Paw” went...

These truckers let us in on the secret of what horns are really used for 

A truck driver recently took to a popular trucking forum to share what he calls a “uniquely trucker” pastime, and we’re giggling.  “As a trucker,...

What do truckers want for Driver Appreciation this year? For you to stop being such a JACKA$$

Barbecue lunches and YETI tumblers come and go each and every Truck Driver Appreciation Week -- so we thought that maybe we'd try helping...

Eye-opening survey shows that most truckers struggle with dating and love because of their jobs

A new survey of hundreds of truckers looks at how a career behind the wheel takes a toll on a driver's romantic relationships. On...

Video shows all the things that make truckers say ‘&%@*!’ every day

This animated video perfectly captures the day-to-day irritations that come with being a truck driver.

Cheerleaders get the job done when big rig pulls into fundraising car wash

A Pennsylvania cheerleading squad was up to the task when a semi truck recently pulled into their car wash.

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