Comedian Ben Roy finds the funny in Colorado's runway truck ramps.
Trucking content creator Larry Cothran recently released an infectious rap single called 'Get In With Me (Trucker Remix)' that anyone in the trucking industry today will relate to right away.

Survey ranks state trooper uniforms from most to least ‘sexy’

A recent survey of thousands of Americans ranked U.S. state trooper uniforms from most to least 'sexy.'

Police department goes viral for hilarious turn signal explainer post

The Homer Police Department (HPD) out of Alaska recently went viral with a cheeky turn signal explainer post.

This ‘How Truckers Talk To New Truck Drivers’ video is SO funny because it’s SO true

If you've spent one single minute in the trucking industry, you will relate to -- and laugh at -- this video by trucking content creator Larry Cothran.

What do truckers want for Driver Appreciation this year? For you to stop being such a JACKA$$

Barbecue lunches and YETI tumblers come and go each and every Truck Driver Appreciation Week -- so we thought that maybe we'd try helping...

This Freightliner video parodying the viral Bentley ASMR ad is a guaranteed laugh

After an ad for automaker Bentley went massively viral, trucking related parodies have popped up online. Bentley recently released an ad featuring a blond...

‘A Brief History of Trucker Fights at Breaux Bridge’ video takes a look at an imagined ‘alternate’ trucking history

A well-known trucking content creator has gone viral on TikTok for a hypnotic video series that uses AI to tell the stories of a...

VIDEO: Please don’t follow this guy’s funny but chaotic trucking ‘tips’

If you need truck maintenance advice, ask anyone but the truck driver featured in these comedy video clips. The character in the video below...

Here are 8 wild Qualcomm messages that truckers need to see

Most of the time, trucking companies use Qualcomm as a way to quickly share useful information with their drivers -- think road closures, weather...

VIDEO: Kitty co-pilot locks trucker dad out of his big rig

A trucker's feline companion creates a little chaos by hitting the lock while the driver is away.

WATCH: YouTube stars with no trucking experience try to drive big rigs

Get ready to grind your teeth a little as YouTube content creators "The Try Guys" test their (nonexistent) trucking skills.

VIDEO: Can you understand this old school trucker’s story?

A driver known as "Mother Goose" tells you about her day in a way that only a trucker could understand.

VIDEO: Saturday Night Live sketch pokes fun at trucking culture

The Saturday Night Live crew took aim at trucker music and culture in a recent sketch called "Truck Stop CD."

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