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What do truckers want for Driver Appreciation this year? For you to stop being such a JACKA$$


Barbecue lunches and YETI tumblers come and go each and every Truck Driver Appreciation Week — so we thought that maybe we’d try helping our nation’s truckers get a little more respect instead this year.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (TDAW) 2023 is finally here.

It’s a great opportunity for the team here at CDLLife to thank the men and women of the trucking community for their tireless efforts in delivering the goods we all need to survive. On top of being some of the most skilled, hardest working, and toughest people out there, truckers are the lifeblood of our economy, the most essential of essential workers, those who are willing to do a job that most people can’t — or won’t.

Can You Please Stop It With The JACKA$$ERY, Car Drivers?!?

So we thought it might also be a good time for us to give you all a little TDAW love CDLLife style –with a P.S.A. that will maybe help the four wheelers you share the road with to be a little more aware of how they are being complete JACK$$ES to truckers without even realizing it.

We really tried here. We used short words, brightly-colored cartoon examples, and a cheap costume bought last minute off of Amazon to try and keep their attention for a whole two minutes (yeah, we know, good luck). We really hope this will help even the most clueless car driver understand why it’s a total JACKA$$ move to pass on the right or to get all road rage-y because big trucks drive a little bit slower.

Will this video change the way people drive out in the real world? Probably not. Will it make you laugh? Yeah. Will it perhaps convince just one person to be a little bit more aware of the challenges that truckers face out on the road every day? We hope so.

Take a look below.

Here’s What People Are Saying

Quite a few truckers (and maybe a couple of car drivers) took a moment to share their two cents on driving like a JACKA$$ after watching the video. Here’s what they said — the good, the bad, and the funny:

  • “As a 26 year veteran of the road, how about some truckers not drive like jacka$$es?”
  • “Don’t be a Center Lane Larry and people won’t pass you on the right.”
  • “It’s about time somebody put the public straight!!!!”
  • “I drive trucks for a living and I tell you now that if I can’t pass you on the left in my car, I’m d@mn sure gonna fly by you on the right.”
  • “Truck drivers: don’t be a JACKA$$ and cruise 65 mph in the Left lane while NOT passing anyone. We are forced to pass on the right.”
  • “This is funny as f bro, also they should put this vid in drivers ed class lmfao”

What do you think? Have a comment? Want to rant about some JACKA$$ drivers you’ve encountered? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comment section — we’ll see you there.


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