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Semi Chef


By Sadie Church

Cooking in the cab of a truck can be a challenge, but one member of the Facebook group Cooking in the Semi is not only making it look easy, but creating works of culinary art with his creations.

That rumbling you’re hearing isn’t coming for a reefer; it’s the collective sound of the 70,000 members of Cooking in the Semi Truck’s members’ rumbling stomachs every time Butuc Dumitru posts one of his delicious new creations. 

Dumitru’s posts in the Facebook group receive multiple accolades from members of the group and his culinary work has been compared to that of a Michelin chef, and others have offered to team drive with him in trade for his delicious cooking.

Dumitru said he did not attend culinary school. “I have no training. I have been watching cooking shows and following famous chefs on social networks for many years,” he said.

He said he began cooking at an early age and cooking came naturally to him. 

“As a small child I had access to the kitchen and I chose what to make for dinner because my parents were away at work…so it came naturally to me to like it.”

Many trucks are not equipped with powerful inverters and cannot operate many electronics at a time, but Dimitru said you don’t need a lot of cooking tools to create culinary works of art in your truck. 

“I have an electric pan, crock pot, microwave, and a small bbq grill…,” he said. “I think the most important tools are desire and pleasure…the rest is easily solved with small investments.”

When asked what his specialty is, Dumitru said, “I like diversified and international cuisine, but I think that Italian cuisine is the best (I don’t have anything special – I like tasty food).” 

If you want to get started cooking in your truck, or just want to learn new recipes from other drivers, check out Cooking in the Semi Truck and prepare to be inspired by Dumitru and others in the group; just be sure to join with a full stomach or you’ll find yourself inspired but hungry.


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