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New Trucking Bills Proposed in Missouri


New bills, introduced in the Missouri Legislature, would be good for  news truckers hauling house hold goods, livestock or timber.

According to a press release, HB 1402, drops the requirement that contract carriers of HHG movers prove that a service is needed when filing for a permit or certificate of authority. However, they would still will be required to prove that they are “fit, willing and able to perform the proposed service” and that they will also adhere to several other requirements. HHG movers will no longer have to file their rates with the Highways and Transportation Commission. Another provision would keep cities from limiting the ability of these large vehicles to travel through the central area of town.
HB 1402 states, the bill would “Require a municipality to allow at least one street, with lawful traffic movement and access from both directions, to be used by commercial vehicles to access any roads in the state highway system. The substitute prohibits any civil action for a public or private nuisance on the basis of an individual or business entity legally using a vehicle on a public street or highway.

” Specifies that, beginning August 28, 2012, no certificate or permit to transport household goods in intrastate commerce will be issued or renewed unless the applicant demonstrates compliance with state workers’ compensation insurance coverage laws for all of its employees.”

The second bill, HB 1212, would modify restrictions on weight, and open roads to vehicles hauling agricultural products or livestock on state highways. Local log trucks would have access to all roads.

The bill states, “Currently, the total gross weight of a vehicle or combination of vehicles hauling livestock on U. S. Highway 36 from St. Joseph to U. S. Highway 65 and on U. S. Highway 65 from the Iowa state line to U. S. Highway 36 cannot exceed 85,500 pounds. This substitute removes the specified highways and applies this weight limitation to any vehicle hauling livestock or agricultural products except local log trucks on any highway of this state. The weight limits will not apply to vehicles operated on the Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways. Any vehicle hauling greater than 80,000 pounds must apply annually for a permit from the Department of Transportation and pay a $25 fee. Upon renewal, the applicant must submit a list of roads traveled and the number of miles traveled on each road during the year.

“The substitute also allows a vehicle weighing 85,500 pounds or less to haul milk from a farm to a processing facility on highways other than the interstate highway system.”

An earlier bill proposed by Missouri Legislature, HB 443, also directly impacted truckers by streamlining the CDL and medical certification card.

*Press release written by: The Law Offices of Brian Timothy Meyers



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