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Truck Driver Helps Nab Suspected Bank Robber


Truck Driver Credited With Nabbing Possible Bank Robber Truck driver Matthew Roland is being credited with nabbing a suspected bank robber in Lexington, Kentucky.

On Monday, July 2, 2012, at 3:30 pm,  the Whitaker Bank on Paris Pike Road in Lexington, Kentucky was robbed.  Across the road at a Food Mart, driver Matthew Roland was refueling his truck when he noticed he was blocking in a van.  Roland checked inside the van to see if it was occupied.  He said the driver was not inside the vehicle.

A short while later, he noticed the van’s driver was trying to back out of the parking spot and ran his van into Roland’s truck.

Roland nabbed the man and held him until off-duty police could show-up.

Police officers arrested the man. It was then, police informed Roland of the bank robbery.

Police wouldn’t release how much money was taken from the bank but say when they apprehended the suspect, he had a large amount of money in his possession.

Roland says he was glad to have helped capture the suspect.



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