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Classic Truck: 54 Kenworth 2 Axle


Our buddies at Long Road Pro got to ride along in a classic Kenworth 2 Axle tractor with the owner, John Hickey from Silverthorne, Colorado.

John brought this old warrior back to life after purchasing it from a lumber company in Oregon. The lumber company needed to sell the damaged truck after a devastating fire. The lumber company mechanics took the damaged Kenworth standard 3 axle, then decided to cut the fire damaged portion away and make it a 2 axle custom truck instead. From then on it hauled short loads of wood chips.

When the company closed down, John came across this odd pup through a mutual friend and gave it a new home. It took 5 years for them to get this classic Kenworth in show truck shape, but we think it’s worth it. What a beauty!

lindsey crawford


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