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Heroic Truck Driver Pulls Drunk Driver From Burning Wreckage


This heroic truck driver saved a drunk driver’s life last week after pulling him out from underneath the burning wreckage of his SUV off of Long Island Expressway.

Thirty-seven-year-old Alex Mitchell of New York pulled his tanker to the side of the 10-land highway after 37-year-old John Boisseau’s SUV caught fire after 2am. Mitchell looked over the wreckage, calling out for a response from anyone that could have been in the vehicle.

Mitchell told CBS New York, “I didn’t see anyone back there so I ran around the other side because my view was being blocked by a tree, next thing, I went around and noticed he was basically lying under the vehicle with flames going and everything.”

Mitchell found Boisseau, and pulled him to safety just before the flames reached him. Boisseau was taken to a hospital and this injuries were treated before he was charged with a DUI.

Apparently Boisseau lost control of his vehicle, veered off, and struck a tree. He was ejected from the vehicle, but still ended up pinned underneath it.

The flames completely engulfed the vehicle, and even caused two of the tires to explode.

After the rescue, Mitchell humbly went back to work, “Business as usual, I still had another 12 hours.”

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