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Maine’s Highway Speed Toll Now Open


Maine Toll Plaza
Photo Credit: Maine Turnpike Authority

Starting today, E-ZPass holders can now zoom through the toll at mile 67 New Gloucester Toll Plaza, between the Gray and Auburn exits, at highway speeds.

E-ZPass customers will pay the toll electronically.

Maine Turnpike Executive Director Peter Mills said, “The major goals of this project are to improve convenience, cut operating costs and reduce vehicle emissions. Highway speed E-ZPass lanes will eliminate the need to slow down or stop when paying tolls. They can electronically process tolls for up to 3,000 cars and trucks per hour when compared to 325 vehicles per hour in a cash lane.”

“E-ZPass highway speed toll lanes will also save time, while reducing fuel costs and emissions for most commercial trucks,” added Mills. “Approximately 80% of the Turnpike’s commercial customers use E-ZPass. Those drivers will now be able to travel between York and West Gardiner at highway speeds using E-ZPass without slowing down to pay tolls.”

If cash toll customers find themselves in the “E-ZPass Only” highway speed lane, the driver should continue traveling through the toll plaza area.  They must then pay the toll by calling Maine E-ZPass Customer Service at 1-888-MTA-PASS (682-7277), by visiting the Maine Turnpike headquarters off of Exit 46 (Jetport) or by mailing the toll payment.

  • Do not stop
  • Do not pull over in or after the toll plaza
  • Do not attempt to get out of the vehicle and cross the barrier to seek assistance from a toll collector.

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