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Ohio River Bridges Toll Board Approves Rate Tolls


Toll RatesYesterday the Ohio River Bridges toll board approved toll rates for the John F. Kennedy Bridge and two new Ohio River bridges.  The board approved a rate of $4 for cars and as much as $12 for trucks.

The Indy Star reported that there will be no toll booths on the bridges.  Instead, cameras will capture the vehicle’s license plate numbers and tolls will be collected via pre-paid accounts or drivers will receive a bill in the mail.

Frequent commuters who are using transponders will pay as little as $1 per crossing, though there has been no decision on what quantifies a person as a “frequent commuter.” Early estimates for frequent commuters would be 20 or more round trips per month.

Bart O’Leary with Gotta Go Trucking told the Indy Star that the tolls will likely cost his company $220,000 per year, a cost he says will likely be passed on to the consumer.



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