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Toll Trolls: Drivers Take Risks to Dodge Tollbooths


Nobody likes to take the time to drive through a toll booth, but some drivers will stop at nothing to skip them altogether. The two most notorious groups of toll trolls out on the road are people driving rental cars and truck drivers. Believe it or not, the12 biggest offenders when it comes to toll dodging in New Jersey, New York, & Pennsylvania are all large corporations. Check out this top 5 list ranging from well-known companies that owe big bucks to the downright weirdest ways to skip a toll.

1. Notorious Trucking Companies


Fusella Group, LLC – a New Jersey company owned by Gerardo and Vincent Fusella were found to have owed $154,055 in skipped tolls which grew to $271,725 after fines. Longhorn Transport LLC is also known for dodging tolls – their company (after 2,652 separate violations) accumulated $54,746 in missed tolls and $45,400 in fines.

5 other companies that owe the Port Authority big bucks include: Primetime Delivery LLC ran which through $53,239 in tolls, Velarde Transportation LLC through $34,474, Eke Trucking, Inc through $41,353, Sun Transport & Logistics Inc. through $40,809, and Jilver Munoz Transport Corp. through $36,067.


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