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Scholarship Honors Late Truck Driver, Helps New Drivers


Throughout his professional life, truck driver Donald Alexander from Decatur County, Alabama, had nothing but love and respect for his job.

After receiving his CDL license in 1999, Donald worked his way through several successful trucking companies before becoming lead driver and trainer for Simpson Nursery in Monticello, Florida. As a mentor for new drivers, he could always be counted on for his vast trucking knowledge, experience and passion for the industry.

“He took his job very seriously,” his wife, Elisa told The Post-Searchlight. “His appearance was very important to him as he thought a professional appearance and attitude were important factors when representing the company when making pickups and deliveries,” she said.

Sadly, on January 28, 2014, his life and career were cut short in a multi-vehicle accident in Milton, Florida.

To to honor Donald’s memory and keep his love and dedication for the industry alive, Elisa established the Donald Alexander Memorial CDL Scholarship for Bainbridge State College’s Commercial Driving Program.

According to Elisa, a Bainbridge State College alumni and former employee, the choice was easy.  “I wanted to honor my husband’s memory by creating a legacy through the CDL program.  Don was a very generous person who loved to mentor and help.  This scholarship will keep his spirit alive as well as assist future drivers.”

The funding has already helped one soon-to-be driver, Bainbridge State CDL student Frederick Speights. As an Army veteran who dreams of owning his own trucking company one day, Speights is the first recipient of the Donald Alexander Memorial CDL scholarship.

“This scholarship could not have happened at a better time for me financially. I am working hard to obtain my CDL because I want more out of life. This career will provide a stable income for me. I want to save enough money to eventually return to college and earn a bachelor’s degree in business so I can start my own trucking company.”

Elisa sumed up the scholarship’s message when she said, “Whether you are driving an automobile or semi, you must always look out for the other driver. Don’t try to second guess other drivers.  It is best to wait.”








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