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4 Vehicles Hit In I-10 Serial Shooting Spree


Arizona authorities are investigating 4 vehicle shootings in 48 hours along an 8-mile stretch of Arizona’s I-10.

Bus, Work Truck, and 2 Passenger Vehicles Hit by Bullets

The first shooting happened on I-10 on Saturday just after 11 am when an SUV was fired upon. A teenage girl sustained cuts to the ear during the incident, but her injury was minor and treated on the scene.

A few minutes later, a bus travelling in the opposite direction was hit by a bullet, but no one was hurt. The bus driver assumed he had hit something and was so shocked when he saw the bullet hole that he said he “almost fainted.” The bus was empty, but investigators learned that the bullet travelled through the body of the bus and into some of the seats. The bus driver believes he was personally targeted by the shooter. The bus driver told reporters: “when someone’s taking pot shots at you for doing your job, minding your own business, we definitely have a problem.

The third shooting happened later Saturday night when a passenger vehicle driver heard a loud bang and later called detectives when she discovered bullet holes on the passenger side of her vehicle.

The fourth shooting happened on Monday morning. A work truck was shot at en route to a work site.

Investigators believe that multiple shots were discharged during each of the incidents and that the shooter was in a moving vehicle when shots were fired.

Investigators Worry “Phoenix Sniper” Encouraged by Recent Rash of Highway Shootings

Authorities are concerned that the “Phoenix Sniper” may have been encouraged to act by the news of a possible highway sniper in Battlecreek, Michigan, last week as well as recent investigations into a potential highway sniper in northern Colorado.

A truck driver sustained minor injuries on Monday when his windshield shattered on eastbound US-34 in Colorado. Authorities suspect that the windshield was shattered by a pellet gun, but they do not think that the incident is related to the I-10 shootings.

Anyone with information on the shootings is encouraged to call the Arizona Department of Public Safety at 602-223-2212.

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