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Penske Trucking Company Alleged Spree Shooter Will Not Be Forced To Take Medication


A man who allegedly killed four people during a shooting spree at Penske Trucking Company in 2010 will not be forced to take anti-psychotic medication that would make him competent to stand trial for murder.

2010 Shooting Spree Killed Four

The shooting occurred in a truck rental facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. Jesse James Warren, who was a former Penske employee who had been fired, came to the facility dressed in camouflage and armed. He opened fire on four employees and one customer. Three of the shooting victims died within days of the shooting. Another shooting victim died three years later. The fifth victim suffers from paralysis as a result of the shooting.

Following his arrest, Warren told police that he was the Son of God and that he believed that he was being pursued by members of the church. He also believed that he had received $500 million for his work with the Navy on a special project, but that the money had been stolen from him.

State Seeks Death Penalty

The prosecution sought the death penalty for Warren, but his lawyers filed a Notice of Intent of Defense to Raise Issues of Insanity, Mental Illness, or Mental Retardation. After being examined by a psychiatrist and psychologist, Warren was diagnosed with ‘Delusional Disorder, Mixed Type’.

The State filed a motion that would force Warren to take anti-psychotic medication so that he would be fit to stand trial, but the Georgia Supreme Court denied the motion. The Court said that there was no way to tell how anti-psychotic medication would affect Warren. The Court said that the State did not present sufficient evidence to convince them that medication would make Warren fit to stand trial.

Warren faces four counts of malice murder and four counts of felony murder.

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