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UPDATE: Log Was Not Updated For Truck Driver Involved in Deadly I-35 Bridge Crash


The Department of Public Safety’s investigation into the confusing and fatal I-35 bridge crash in Saldano, Texas that took place March 26th has started to turn up new information.

Officials Give New Details on Saldano Accident

At a House Transportation Committee hearing on Thursday (April 2), investigators learned that the truck driver had not kept an updated log.

DMV officials have also come forward, saying that the driver did not have a permit for his oversized load.

In addition, the DPS released the height of the truck’s load: 14 feet and 7 inches after the accident.

The Investigation Continues

Investigators from the Department of Public Safety will be interviewing all three commercial truck drivers involved in the accident. In addition, investigators will be speaking with the workers involved in the bridge construction and Texas Department of Transportation officials in order to determine who placed signs that indicated a lower than usual bridge clearance.

Investigators say the investigation could take a few more weeks.

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