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“American Truck Simulator” Releases Exciting Launch Trailer


In anticipation of the game’s February 3rd launch, American Truck Simulator has released a launch trailer to promote the PC game that seeks to replicate the big rig driving experience.

The game allows you to play as either a company driver or an owner-operator. You’re responsible not only for driving your truck safely and obeying traffic laws, but also for making money and expanding the company.

Right now, you can only drive in California and Nevada, but the game developers will likely add more states after the game’s launch.

One game reviewer apparently got very invested in the game described a situation that likely sounds familiar for real big rig drivers: “I should pull over at a motel and sleep but then I’ll be late delivering the petrol I’m delivering to a garage in Fresno. I can’t be late: my bank account is overdrawn after buying a new truck for my garage in Las Vegas. If I don’t get all the cash for this job I won’t be able to meet my next loan repayment.

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