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Triple Murder Charges For Street Racer In Crash That Killed Trucker


Prosecutors have upgraded the charges from three counts of vehicular manslaughter to triple murder for the street racer who, along with another motorist, reportedly caused a 10 vehicle pileup that killed a trucker and two others and injured four.

Street Race Ends In 10 Vehicle Pileup

The crash happened on I-5 in Commerce, California, after midnight on Saturday night. A Dodge Challenger and a Dodge Charger were driving aggressively when one of the vehicles lost control and hit a UPS truck. The truck crossed the median into oncoming traffic and went airborne, shearing the top off of a Nissan before coming to rest on a Ford Explorer. The truck burst into flames. The crash caused a pileup involving 10 vehicles altogether.

Three Killed, Four Hurt In Crash

The truck driver, Scott Treadway, was killed in the crash along with two teens who were in the Nissan: Michelle Littlefield and Brian Lewandowski. Lewandowski’s father works for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau. Two other people were in the Nissan when the crash happened; one is in a coma while the other remains in critical condition. Two others were also hurt in the crash.

35-year-old Dealio Lockhart, the driver of the Dodge Challenger, was arrested at the scene and admitted to racing with another motorist. He was arrested on suspicion of three counts of vehicular manslaughter and held on a $1 million bond.

Charges Increase From Vehicular Manslaughter To Triple Murder

When the District Attorney’s Office filed charges against Lockhart on Tuesday, the vehicular manslaughter charges were upgraded to three counts of second-degree murder and four counts of reckless driving on a highway causing a specified injury. Prosecutors also plan to ask for Lockhart’s bail to be set at $3.2 million.

Lockhart faces life in prison if convicted.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is offering $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of the Dodge Charger driver, who is still at large.

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