Dust Storms Shut Down I-10 In Arizona For Seventh Time In recent Weeks

Arizona transportation officials have closed down I-10 between Willcox, Arizona, and Lordsburg, New Mexico as of 1 p.m. today, making at least the seventh time that blowing dust has shut down the interstate since April 7.

I-10 Closures Blamed On Plowed Land

The dust is coming from 320 acres of land that were plowed to make room for a pecan tree grove. Without any vegetation, the wind is able to kick up huge amounts of dust, making driving dangerous and forcing cautious ADOT officials to close down the interstate.

ADOT Working With Landowner To Control Dust

ADOT says that they have sent truckloads of water to the landowner to moisten the ground and cut down on dust. ADOT says that they may pursue reimbursement from the landowner for the frequent and costly interstate closures.

The detour takes drivers 110 miles through Safford, Arizona, on U.S. 191 and U.S. 70.

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