Flooding Closes I-10

Flooding from the Sabine River has forced transportation officials to shut down I-10 in both directions at the border of Louisiana and Texas.

The area was bombarded with 20 inches of rain last week, causing intermittent I-10 closures. Today’s closure marks the second day of the I-10 shut down, though some lanes were open for short periods yesterday.

Flooding Shuts Down I-10 Until Further Notice

Officials say it may take several days for flood waters to recede. They are not sure when I-10 will reopen. Transportation officials recommend that long haul traffic take I-20 through Shreveport to avoid the flooding and road closures.

Transportation officials are also keeping a close eye on flood waters from the Pearl River, which threaten to close down I-10 at the Louisiana-Mississippi border.

News 4 San Antonio

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